Baby paddy

  1. Hi:

    Can anyone tell me the dimension of a baby Paddington? Which are the differences with the normal one? If you can, please post photos comparing the dimensions of both handbags.

    Thank you
  2. Hi Brandolina,
    If you do a search on baby paddington or mini paddington, you will find loads of info on the smaller bag.
    I have attached a piccie of mine together, my baby paddy is the loaf, so it is a different style to get into, but width is exactly the same and it is next to my regular paddys so you get a good idea of size. Its a great bag. I can carry everything I need for day, but I travel light so it depends on what you are looking for in a bag :smile:. The features and the padlock are the same size as the regular, so its such a great look.

  3. I know I've probably seen you say somewhere else, but what color is the bag in the middle???
  4. I think the one in the middle may be "chamois"
  5. The colour is called taupe :girlsigh: It's such nice colour and goes well with everything, I have one myself too ;)
  6. thank you!
  7. I have a Baby Paddy in Taupe and it is such a versatile bag.
  8. Does anyone know where I could find a bag like the blue one pictured? That size is perfect for me.

    Or does anyone have a SA they would recommend? What is the name of the blue bag?
  9. Hi Illini,

    I purchased mine back in March from Cricket in Liverpool, but each store only got one of these bags in each :sad:

    When I ordered it the description of the bag on the order form was mini zip top lid Paddington in Midnight Blue.

    But it is also known as a baby loaf. I have to confess, I have not seen another one since so I was very lucky. I do not think that they are continuing the loaf bag for a/w in regular or mini size, as different designs are coming through now.

    But the regular mini paddington is available still, which is so cute, if that helps.
  10. For some reason, I dont like the mini Paddington at all but I LOVE the style you have. I want it!! I called a couple of places and either people didnt know what I was talking about or they said the same thing, they are not making that size and style anymore.
  11. here is the chloe stock photo of it, incase you can email it over to a few chloe outlets ? :smile: Hope it helps
  12. Oh, there are Chloe outlets??

    Do I just call Chloe and ask for the number?
  13. I called Chloe and the lady said they dont have outlet stores! :crybaby:
  14. chloe_babe, I loooooooove blue nuit (I love strong colours) and your baby loaf is so cute! I just want to drink and eat it up!:tispy: