baby paddy

  1. hi i was wondering how much a baby paddy holds and what it looks like on if some people could post pics that would be awesome
  2. Here's me wearing a baby muscade paddy, I'm about 5'6":

    I'll be honest - it doesn't hold everything but the kitchen sink lol. I've managed to fit in my wallet, phone, make-up & a little pocket packet of tissues and there's still a little room left.

    It's more for holding the essentials and a couple extra things.

    It is a beautiful bag though, they are SO cute - I've gotten way more comments carrying the baby than I've ever gotten carrying the regular paddy for some reason.

    Hope that helped!
  3. thanks so much so do you think i should get a regular sized one i am only 5 foot 3. Though the baby is so cute!!
  4. Hmm it's really up to you, I don't think the regular paddy would look too big on you at all, I guess it just depends on whether you like to carry a lot of stuff or not.

    Also, the regular paddy can easily be carried on the shoulder whereas the baby is more of a hand held bag.

    Either way you can't go wrong, both styles are GORGEOUS!:yes:

    What color are you thinking of?
  5. i want like a chocolate brown i think i am going to get the regular sized bag thanks so much for your help
  6. The bag looks GREAT on you!!!! Sure hope mine arrives this week!!!!

  7. I was just wondering whether you'd gotten yours yet or not! Ooooh you have to et me know when it arrives!:smile:
  8. It's such a cute bag...I am feeling tempted...
  9. Did you order the Muscade baby from Diabro too, Pamella? ;)
  10. If you like to carry lots of stuff, you might also want to consider the front pocket paddington - I have it in chocolate and it is AMAZING! The pocket w/ rivets and buckle make it look extra edgy! Good luck with your search.!:wlae:
  11. Lv_obsessed I love your baby paddy, it looks good on you!