baby paddy is here!

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  1. yay, it's so cute, i love it! will post more pictures tomorrow when i get the chance!
  2. Too cute! Seriously!!!
  3. GORGEOUS!!!!! I want to cuddle it!!!:yahoo:
  4. It's adorable!!
  5. congrats! it's so cute :cutesy:
  6. So cute! Congrats!! What color is it exactly?
  7. Oh I cannot wait for modeling pics of this beauty!!! So excited for you!
  8. thanks everyone! it's mastic :smile: i'll try to post modeling pics once i get time, soo busy at work!
  9. Congrats! What a cutie.Can't wait to see you modeling it.
  10. That was quick! Congratulations on your baby paddy!!!!! YEAH! Post a modeling pic soon.
  11. Would definitely win any Beautiful Baby Contest!
  12. So adorable!
  13. Cute! :tup: Congrats!

    I love the look of Baby Paddies, but will just have to admire from someone else's collection. :girlsigh:
  14. :tender: Oh~ This is so cute!!! CONGRATS!!!
  15. oooh its a beauty, you lucky gal :biggrin: