Baby paddy in chocolate?

  1. Hi !

    Do you know is the baby paddy exists in chocolate. I am totally in love with this color! I am a short girl so would need it in PM.

    Thanks for you help ;)
  2. If I remember correctly, it was not released in Chocolate brown which is a real shame as it would look amazing in that colour. Tan, Black and Anthracite were the darker colours, and then they released it in Whisky and Taupe.

    I am also petite at 5.2, I would say the medium paddy is a great size bag. It takes a couple of days to get used to it, but you do then think its the perfect size bag.

    Its nice in Whiskey, I have attached a piccie for you, just dont be too quick to discount the medium, you really cannot get much in the standard mini paddy :smile:

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  3. There is a chocolate baby paddy on the aloha rag site-- I nearly bought it instead of the belt/pocket paddy. I am short (5'1), just got my belt/pocket paddy last night :yahoo: and it is the perfect size-- big enough to hold lots of things but since it is not a "tall" bag it looks fine even though I am short.

    Of course I wouldn't mind having a baby paddy too for those days when I am not toting a bunch of stuff LOL...

    Aloha rag did a great job, wonderful customer service, even offered to weigh both the bags when I was trying to make up my mind :confused1:

    On LVR's site there are baby paddys available in loads of colors.
  4. Thanks you ver much. It is such a wonderful bag! I have fallen in love! Tan color is such amazing too! :smile:
  5. Thanks! I will have a look to Aloha rag! :smile:
    Unfortunately LVR doesn't offer the chocolate mini paddy but may be in would be amazing!
  6. WILDCARD! You are so cool! THanks ! This website is making my day. You 're right here I have found my choco baby paddy !
    This site seems to offer the same quality and authenticity than LVR.
  7. Does cricketliverpool sell authentic chloe?