Baby Paddington Size

  1. You guys have gotten me crazed over paddingtons:heart: . This past weekend, I stopped by my locak Saks and about had a heart attack.:nuts: It was the first time I saw any Chloe's in person...and the paddinton's were TDF!!! There was a Royal Blue Paddy which I just fell in love with. No baby paddy's, but I am wondering how much will actually fit in a baby paddy? I am very short and wonder if the regular paddy is too much for me. Also I've learned from reading this thread that they are very heavy and I am really looking to use this bag often. What are your thoughts?:confused1:
  2. I use my baby paddy mostly for nights/weekends, and not most days....but I have to lug a lot around with me for day. Here's what I can easily fit in my baby paddy: wallet, cell phone, keys, lipstick. It's a great bag if you don't need to carry a lot and it is much lighter (in my opinion) than the regular paddy satchel.

    I posted a pic of mine in the Paddington reference thread, if you want to see the sizes next to one another.
  3. i would love baby paddy, i find the normal one quite heavy
  4. i have a baby paddy and i love it. it fits a wallet, keys, cellphone, and a few other smallish items, and maybe a bottle of water. i once crammed a magazine in there by rolling it up really tight.
  5. Where is this thread?

  6. They are quite heavy (Not the baby but the regular Paddy) but I think we could all chime in and agree that there is a certain glory one revels in when hearing that wonderful , "Thunk" sound that 3.2 lbs of amazing pebbled leather and austintacious lock make when dropped on the table in a restaurant! I'll deal with the impingement syndrome, it's well worth it!:yahoo:
  7. How tall are you? I'm 5' tall but wear 3.5 inch heels all the time and have had 3 Paddy satchels and one Paddy Hobo. They were very comfortable to wear for me. I would definitely go with the regular size. HTH! :yes: I regret letting my satchels go and am on the hunt once again for a Taupe! LOL!!
  8. Absolutely! :yes: I've been on a Balenciaga kick for awhlie now and am feeling the need for another Paddy Satchel, especially after seeing my neighbor's 2006 Tobacco last night from NAP. TDF leather....all smooshy and pebbly. Pure heaven! :love:
  9. I'm 5' Tall and usually are in at least 2 inch heels. I'm a little afraid thought that after I buy my first Chloe, that it won't be the one and only....this craziness is addicting.
  10. Yep....they're very addicting. Bbags even more so because they weigh nothing! Love them both. Don't be're not alone! Dive on in! :graucho:
  11. Enablers!!!!!!!

  12. AMEN:graucho::wlae:
  13. Lol - one paddy is NEVER enough.