Baby Paddington in Uk???

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  1. Does anyone from the Uk have a baby paddy? If so where did they get it from and how much should I expect to pay??? :confused1:

    They aren't on NAP and I'm worried about using Diabro cuz of customs costs and fake scares....

  2. hee hee, I love that you are already on the hunt for your second bag lol.

    Babys are very hard to come across, they had one at LVR , who are in Italy, so customs wouldnt affect you as we are within the EU.

    I also saw an authentic one on ebay recently. You have to just keep your eyes open for the mini's, they really dont come up very often, as they are made in much smaller quantities.

    RRP of them is around 650 so not much less than the medium, and the metallics are slightly more.

    Hope that helps :smile:
  3. :roflmfao: hahahah didn't take you long to get hit by the paddy bug Cat, have you told hubby yet?

    Still looking for my first, but after hanging out with the Chloe girls I found out quite quickly a second will soon follow!
  4. Yikes, £650!!! Thats half as much bag for nearly the full price :tdown: Not good at all. Well no Baby Paddy for me for a while then. After looking on Diabro though they would be cheaper, def have serious doubts about them being real now.

    Thanks for your reply ladies!
  5. He he, no Hubby not aware of my baby paddy lusts, think I would be headed for the divorce courts, opps. :yes:
  6. Cricket website is rubbish lol, and hasnt been updated in over a year ;)

    I would never take what they have in stock as real, you always have to call them first ;)

    Cat, I agree, its alot of money compared to the reg paddy, but its sooo freakin cute lol :biggrin:
  7. I know, I know, I want one bad :crybaby: But I'll have to save my pennies (and then my pounds) for a while........Maybe Xmas??? How far off does that sound??? :sad:
  8. Sounds to far away to me:P. Chloe is addicting, isn't it!? I ordered a baby paddy from Diabro and the bag was authentic and their customer service is incredible! I've had nothing but good experience with them. This place also has baby paddy's, I"m just not sure if they ship to the UK and how much it would be. But its a thought.

  9. Does anyone find it odd that have the same stock as Diabro, and have even "temporarily sold out" of items that Diabro have just sold out of? (I watch the stock there closely).
  10. YES, Totally!!!! I've never heard of the website either until Jenna mentioned it which was recently. I was going to order a bag from there but maybe I'll wait to see what others say.

  11. Pamella72, what did you end up doing about the mini Paddy you got from Diabro? I know you returned the Canelle, but did you exchange for another color, or did they refund you? Thanks! :smile:
  12. So whats the current state of affairs with Diabro? Are we ok to order from them or are we still fearing fakes? I'm glad you had a good experience with them Pamella, just wondering if they is any risk of getting a fake???