Baby Olimpia VS Padded Cassette

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Olimpia VS Cassette

  1. Olimpia

  2. Cassette

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  1. Hi all, I am considering between these two bags - Padded Cassette in black or the Olimpia in Taupe Color. Do lemme know your thoughts especially on the wear and tear :smile:) thanks in advance!

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  2. I can’t comment on the cassette but can write about the Olimpia.

    I have the Baby in Mink, a color a few shades lighter than the one you’re considering. I’ve had mine for three years. There’s a bit of curling on the flap edge. Corners are fine. I don’t see any finish loss on the strap. I like that I can double the strap to make it shoulder carry, or tuck the strap in completely for a clutch look. My complaint relates to capacity. The Olimpia has a middle divider which effects how much you can put in it. I wish it wasn’t there but I’m not sure how that would impact the bag shape.

    I did buy the largest Olimpia online but returned it because I realized it was heavy. The small one isn’t.

    My concerns with the padded cassette would be a) scratches on the ‘pads’. It seems like it’d be unforgiving. b) I’d want to see if my only option was a crossbody look. Then it kind of limits the bag’s use. c) I’d want to see if the triangle buckle had the propensity to get caught on things or poke at me.

    Between the two the Cassette seems more modern but may be trendy. Olimpia has a classic look like a Chanel flap.
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  3. Thank u so much for sharing your experience!

    The cassette problem is that it fits a lot lesser than the Olimpia.. even with the middle divider in place. But I was afraid of corner wear. So glad to know that yours is still good after the years - I think I am leaning towards the Olimpia =)

  4. i don't own any, hence not biased
    Olympia is classic BV
    Cassette is new and trendy
    Olympia has withstood the test of time, it's been around for a long while and proved to be a timeless (and handy) little bag with lots of fans.
    Cassette is very new, but even without dividers it's very small and tight bag which looks way bigger than she is inside.
    i have touched it, and it's very soft. While it feels great to hold, i agree with @grietje and would be worried to scratch a pad (by the keys, or sharp corners, etc) as it will ruin the look of the whole bag.
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  5. I don’t own either. I am not a fan of the cassette - or the big weave in general - so my vote goes to the Olympia!
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  6. I have the baby olimpia in dark barolo for 2.5 years, no corner wear or curling (yet). I find the chain heavy and noisy but quite versatile if I want to wear it shorter or cross-body. The cassette is fairly new and I don’t really care for it.
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  7. I don't own any of the two bags.
    But since Olimpia has been available for quite some time, it shows that the design is classic, easy to use and provides different wearing choices. Space wise, although Olimpia has a divider inside it obviously fits more than the Cassette, which is quite important if you have many bits and pieces stuffed in your bag.
    Also, I've seen the Cassette in the boutique and don't really feel for the scratch prone surface areas offered in contrast to the 1cm weave with the Olimpia. I would not want a bag that I have to be super careful whilst wearing it.
    So result, Olimpia wins.
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  8. As I wrote in another post I got to handle the padded cassette and my concerns about scratches are unfounded since there are natural marks and variations on the leather. It’s a larger proportion than the baby and small Olimpia.

    The buckle seemed harmless enough but I felt it didn’t really match the bag. This is when a simple gunmetal buckle would have been ideal. It’d give the bag a whole ‘bad a**’ vibe.