Baby name book recommendations

  1. Any recommendations for good books with baby name ideas? Now that I have the amnio results and know everything is OK so far, we're starting to think names and nursery and such. We've done some looking online, but thought a couple of books might be fun too. Thanks for any help (and apologies in advance for all the questions I'm going to start having now that I'm allowing myself to look at baby stuff. The ban has been lifted, so the flood gates are open.):yahoo:
  2. I haven't bought one in years but I liked Beyond Jennifer and Jason when I was pregnant last.
  3. i dont know any books but here's a good website(you probably have seen it tho), hope it helps!
  4. I picked up one at my local children's consignment shop for a few bucks called The Baby Name Bible 50,000 + baby bames. I tried to use the websites, but it was much easier for me to have the book in hand and read all of the meanings.
  5. i love the website