Baby Monitor

  1. Can anyone recommend a good baby monitor?? Right now we have the Safety First Video monitor and it gets horrible reception (constant crackling) and interferes with every wireless device in our house. I would prefer one with a video monitor.

  2. I know it's not a video monitor, but the AngelCare monitor has been a godsend for us. It registers sensitive movement, like breathing, and an alarm sounds if there is any interruption. It's so sensitive that any time my daughter rolled into a corner of the crib it would go off. Scared the heck out of us us the first few times, but we were glad to know it worked so well. And when they are older, you can turn off the heartrate monitor, and use it like a normal one.
  3. We have an Angelcare too-on every website I checked it has the maximum amount of stars,e.g. a lot of people are happy with it.
  4. Love the Angelcare monitor! It gives us a sense of security.
  5. Thanks everyone. I think I'll go ahead and get the Angelcare. I checked on line reviews and everyone raves about it.
  6. The Angelcare is great! Before we had it I would hardly sleep. I was/am so worried about SIDS. Now that we use this I am able to sleep much better. It is really freaky when the alarm goes off when nothing is wrong. You have to make sure the senser is in the center and straight. And then if your SO gets up with the baby during the night, remind him to turn the alarm off. Otherwise you'll wake up anyways!!
  7. We've also got an Angelcare! :nuts:
  8. How is the Angelcare in terms of reception and interference? Our house has some original plaster walls that seem to result in dead spots and funky reception -- we had to get our alarm system taken out and reinstalled with another brand because the wireless sensors couldn't all communicate. We've had a number of cordless phones of various frequencies that just don't work well either. We're also in the middle of Silicon Valley, so everyone has wireless - I can see about 8 networks at home. I'm considering the Philips monitor since it's supposed to be super-clear and interference free, even in an "extreme" Consumer Reports test, but everyone seems to love the AngelCare, so I'd like to consider that, but I'm nervous about the interference and whether it will work for us.
  9. I read excellent reviews about the Summer Day and Nite video monitor. My neighbor has one as well and it had near perfect reception while she was inside my house which is about 4 houses down. She has been using it for a year with no problems. I am going to go with it as well.