Baby Marcie (c. 2014) Cracking/Peeling Strap?

Jun 3, 2017
Hi all,

I have a well-loved Baby Marcie in Anemone pink that has been my favorite bag for YEARS. About a year ago, I noticed that leather strap was starting to crack and peel, particularly around where it holds the most weight while worn. The rest of the bag looks fantastic with no peeling or cracking to note -- it's really just the one part of the strap! Has anyone had any experience in dealing with a cracked/peeling strap? Recognizing that the bag is 6 years old and that the color is no longer made, I don't believe that Chloe would give me a replacement strap... Is this something a professional should see or might there be an at-home remedy?
IMG_0032.jpg IMG_0036.jpg

(Second image of the rest of the strap for reference...)