Baby Love Bracelet or Baby Love on a Silk Cord

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Which bracelet to pair with Cartier Love Bangle

  1. Baby Love Bracelet

  2. Baby Love on a Silk Cord

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. The silk cord looks so casual. For the price, I don't think its worth it. You have to take it off when showering, cord will get dirty.

    The all gold, you can wear either way and wear it all the time.
  2. I don't like the silk cord personally, I think it makes it look cheap and it's definitely not!
  3. The one without the cord. I had the trinity cord bracelet and the cord drove me crazy.
  4. The all gold is definitely more worth it and nicer. The cord cheapens it, it's more fitting for something that isn't gold or so expensive in my opinion :smile:
  5. I have both and if it's a choice between the two definitely the all gold! the silk cord I like to wear in a stack to make it look more casual and less blingy :biggrin:
  6. Pass on the silk chord. I have the trinity ring on the chord. At first it was a novelty but you have to get it changed often and now they charge you! They store used to do it as a courtesy but now when you bring it in there is a fee. Don't go through the hassle. Get the chain. Over time this is more elegant anyway.
  7. Thank you for taking part in the poll and also for your opinions.
    I thought if I pair the Baby Love Bracelet on a Silk Cord with the Love Bangle, they will form a "formal/edgy" look. :giggles:
    Seems like pure gold Baby Love Bracelet won hands down!
    I still welcome your opinions and polls. :winkiss:
  8. I personally like the look of the silk cord one
  9. I say all gold even though the cord is cute. But I've heard the all gold, the two circles always hang downwards so it's sorta annoying. Anyone have it and would like to share their experience? thanks.
  10. Now that you mention, I guess it might be true because the Baby Love bracelet is so dainty, the " 2 circles" might move around the wrist.
  11. I have the silk cord one and love it! I rearranged the three love rings so it stays upright nicely! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393576403.767247.jpg
  12. I like the cord and am thinking of getting it for myself sometime also! I like that it is casual because the cord but also fancy bc. of cartier. :smile: