Baby kicks like crazy!!! Does it mean anything?

  1. Ever since 16 weeks I've been getting kicks and jolts from this little gymnast throughout the day and sometimes when I wake up at night and definitley in the morning. I'm wondering if active babies and mellow babies have somewhat of the same personality they had in the womb once they come out. Does anyone have babies that had the same personality inside the womb as they do after birth? or are they different?
  2. oh wait til u reach 24 weeks onwards...the kicks are crazy...and the moving... im 27 weeks now and oh boy, i wake up sometimes from my sleep cause of him! but i think its cute..i like to think i have a naughty one in there whos high from all the chocolate i consume:tispy:! (i know its bad but i dont know...i crave it..oh im also suffering from low blood sugar during this pregnancy so maybe the craving for the choc is my body's way of saying i need sugar :S) .. i find the movement hes fine in there, kwim?
  3. Interesting question. :smile: I had wondered the same thing when I was pregnant. My second baby seemed to kick more than my first. Sometimes it felt like I was being drop-kicked in the stomach by a 200 lb. man, especially towards the end of the pregnancy. But, she turned out to be a VERY mellow girl (3 1/2 yrs old). She doesn't like to run around or be active, she prefers to sit and color. My first baby (5 yrs old) is the more energetic kid, even though he wasn't a big kicker while in the womb.
  4. hmm...interesting... I'm praying for a pretty mellow baby who sleeps through the night automatically!! (I can dream, right? lol) I'm so jealous of my girlfriend. Her son is only 2 months old and has slept at least 4 hours straight each night since he was born! and now he sleeps almost through the whole night!!! I'll probably end up with a baby who's up every hour lol
  5. My son used to kick like crazy when he was inside me. I thought it was pretty bad early on until he turned and got big enough to kick me in the ribs :p now that was an interesting experience :lol: Not sure about whether their retain their personality once they're born, my son is pretty active and alert but i thought that was standard and was told that his father was a really hyper child so who knows... But at least i'm lucky that he started sleeping through the night (8 to 9 hours straight) about 2 months ago :nuts:
  6. Oh, and also when i asked my doctor if it was normal for the baby to kick all night long, his reply was "the more the baby kicks the better, it means they're strong and healthy, it's when they stop kicking that you start worrying", so whenever your little one is bashing you from the inside :lol: just think about how strong he is growing up to be :smile:
  7. my baby kicks like crazy now....I just was commenting for him to calm down and a co-worker over heard me.. I ate a little bit of chinese for lunch and apparently he didnt like this at all- hes been carrying on afternoon... when he is sleep I get requests to feel him move- and of course he doesnt bother waking up or move...I have aboy and i dont remember if my daughter kicked this much it was 12 years well 13 years ago...
    i had another u/s yesterday and this joker has turned upside down facing inward and his head is pressing on my cervix which is killing me.....he had better turn around soon cause this is painful....i have to take baby steps when i walk
  8. My little girl kicked and was very active between 8-10 pm. We used to sit and watch TV and laugh about the acrobatics.
    Thats her "baby primetime" now. She plays and is super alert during these times. By 10:30 its lights out.
  9. My daughter was very active in the womb it seemed like it was non stop throughout the day. Now she is 7 and she's a cheerleader and a gmnyst, and even with all that exercise she's still bouncing off walls when she's at home. My son who was the total opposite he did move, but not the same powerfull kicks i would get from my daughter. he is now 3 and is still very calm.
  10. Mine kicks a LOT too and sometimes the skin on my belly actually bounces up and down:p
  11. Baby is increasing your pain tolerance in preparation for labor ;)
  12. I had a kicker and he's still like that! When we nap together he likes to knead his little feet on my back. It's comforting to him in some strange way. He's very active and hyper too, but so was his Dad.
  13. Aw how cute, I'm just getting to where I notice her moving, today I took my god daughter shopping and I swear baby was laying as low as she could. I had to sit for a little while. Then when I was home resting she was moving all over the place. :smile:
  14. oh today my grandmother was telling me that if a baby kicks hard kicks,its a boy and if its soft.. its probably a it could be many soft kicks and a girl or a few hard kicks and its a boy...

    and cause im pregnant with my first..i dont know what is considered hard yet! lol..but she also told me that if the baby kicks the sides more..its a boy and if the baby kicks centre n low its a girl... i know they are old wives tales but its interesting!
  15. my 2 boys rarely kicked and are both fairly quiet young men.