Baby inspired necklace idea?

  1. Here is my early birthday pressie:graucho:
    I have "fur babies", mini schnauzer, Ryker, he is 3 and a half. Also a new mini schnauzer puppy, he is just 6 weeks old and will not be ready to leave the breeder for a few weeks yet. His name is Gabriel. So here is a pic of my Helen Ficalora Rose Gold Diamond Alphabet charms, diamond puppy paw and two diamond by the yard chains, one 20" the other 24". This pic has all 3 charms on one chain, but I am wearing the R on the 20" and the G and paw print on the 24". I ordered another diamond paw print. I also have 6 HF charms in white gold. I love her charms!!
  2. Well I went to the HF store in Soho with my husband on Wednesday, didn't really intent to buy anything but just wanted to try on some stuff. Well, the charms are really cute! Even my husband said its really pretty and urged me to get one. So i ended up getting one with my daughters initial. There is a paved diamond butterfly which Is really pretty but didn't get this time. I still do think they are a but overpriced but it's worth it especially since I plan to wear it everyday.

  3. I have Heather Moore charms, two with initials for my husband and myself, my son's whole name spelled on a small disc, and now I have a one-month old, when mother's day comes I'll get his name spelled out. The charms are very customizable and great quality, you can choose from sliver, gold, add stones, etc....
    I don't recommend her silver chains, tho, I find they get tarnished very quickly
  4. Your charms and necklace are gorgeous:smile:!!!
  5. And the type of dog/puppy you have are sooo cute!! Love them!
  6. Thank You Miamilla :smile:.
  7. Cute necklace! It looks great on you! Who is the designer, where did you get it?
  8. It is an italian brand: le bebè from lucebianca.
    You could have baby name or initial at the back side! And choose male or female in different size and materials: red, yellow or white gold or diamonds!!!
  9. what about stones that represent their birthmonth?
  10. I've been trying to figure out what necklace to buy to represent my two kids, boy and girl, as well for the last year or so. I finally decided to go with the Alex Woo necklace. Instead of getting their initals I got the number 2 and a little hear to symbolize my two loves.

    Getting a number was cheaper than two initials and I didn't think a g and j looked that great next to each other.
  11. Lovely! I'm hoping to soon get an eternity band with blue sapphire and diamonds to celebrate the birth of my son - I'll wear it next to my engagement ring.
  12. Roberto Coin also has initial pendants that are lovely!
  13. I just got this for my daughters "first hair cut" trimmings. They look like threads of gold. I just need a new chain. The one in the pic is a throw away that came with it.
    I am thinking of adding a loose diamond (birthstone) & perhaps a loose gold locket charm inside as well (if it will fit - different range). But for now, I am beyond thrilled. It is so much nicer than the envelope it was stored in.