Baby inspired necklace idea?

  1. So pretty, I love them! And a bargain to boot!
  2. When my daughter was born in February my husband got me a beautiful amethyst pendant. My son was born in January and I didn't want to put a garnet with the amethyst. My husband surprised me with a beautiful diamond locket. I have a very special picture in it of both kids smiling at me - I'm very sentimental. Their are a lot of beautiful lockets available.
  3. I have twin little girls, with the same initial. Would you get two charms or just one to represent both??confused !
  4. Pure genius.
  5. These are great charms and forma great price. You can also find them stamped with a heart or with a star.
    We gave a necklace with an initial charm and with a heart charm to our nanny when she retired. Sometimes you really can find little treasures at Tj's.

  6. Great thread! I was thinking about it as well since my daughter was born earlier this year. I was also considering Helen Ficolora, but it seems that the necklaces are 14k. Another choice is Tiffany initial necklace which is 18k and I like the look of 18k better.

    I also like the Cartier necklace with two rings, but I guess I will have to wait until I have my baby no 2 :smile:
  7. Also want to add that while I think HF are very popular, here are so many people make those initial necklaces on Etsy for much cheaper. I don't knowing HFs ate really that much better. Although everyone who has them loves it.
  8. Try looking around the Claypot website for inspiration. I really want a stamped gold bar pendant with my son's birthdate. I need to check out etsy for that one.
  9. I really want this one:

  10. made by jennifer meyer, it's $865 at Barneys...
  11. I have identical twin boys and have a separate Helen Ficalora diamond bezel initial charm for each one of them. I also have two Amethyst birth stones! They may be twins but they ate not the same. Go ahead and buy two charms! You would if they had been born apart months or years, not minutes...
  12. Thanks:smile:! Aw mine are identical too! I have 3 boys (not triplets lol) then ended with these crazy almost 2 yr old girls i have the gold charms for my boys, maybe i will get rose gold for the girls:smile:
  13. That is sooo cute!!!!!
  14. This is mine. Initial on the back side