Baby inspired necklace idea?

  1. I have a chain with 2 Aaron Basha baby shoes - one for each grandchild. DH gave them to me after each was born!
  2. I have a Helen Ficalora necklace and LOVE it. It sees far more wear than all of my other necklaces. The quality is great and I love that you can add to it. Originally I started out with just the letter "A" (my initial) and a dogwood charm with a tiny diamond in it. Then, over time my husband's initial was added. After my son was born my in-laws gave me his initial and last Christmas my sister gave me his birthstone (a ruby). I recently also upgraded the chain from a basic yellow gold chain to Helen's DBTY style (It has bezel set diamonds every 2inches). I love being able to change up how I wear it. Sometimes I layer it, sometimes I wear all of the charms, and other times I wear just my son's charms (letter and birthstone). I also work long 12 hours shifts in a hospital and have children literally TUG on the necklace and have never had issues. When I have another child it will be quite the crowded necklace but I will love it even more.

    Here it is the day I first got it

    Another picture to give you an idea of thickness

    Here's how it looks now: (3 alphabet charms, 1 dogwood, 1 birth jewel on a DBTY chain....all by Helen Ficalora)
  3. I have a necklace very similar to NurseAnn and love it. Mine is on a HF 20" rg dbty chain. They're a new classic, I always like them when I see them on other people. The charm selection is great and if you ever get tired of the necklace you can put the charms on a bracelet. The discs never get scratched, I don't know how but they don't.
    Post what ever you pick so we can see!
  4. Lookin good!
  5. Another vote for starting a HF family necklace...I got the diamond "love" charm from Bloomies during my pregnancy and once our little one arrived I added a gold one with the number 6 on it (for myself, Hubs, DD, and our 3 furbabies). It goes with a lot of my outfits and I enjoy the layered look of the charms too.
  6. What a good idea. I always wanted to add a number to my charms but couldn't figure out how to pick one. Your idea is good.

  7. I loveee this idea!!! :cloud9: But it's wayy above my budget! One day...LOL
  8. I wonder who makes this bracelet. It sounds adorable. :smile: yea I like the disc idea so I'm leaning twd a HF necklace!
  9. I saw these a few years ago and I thought they were absolutely adorable!! But it is wayy above my budget! LOL I would love to see pics!! :smile:
  10. WOWOWOWOW this is absolutely beautiful!! Is your first chain by HF as well?

    I love it! I think I made up my mind!! :love:

    I hear that Bloomingdales carries HF have you seen it there?

  11. This sounds adorable! Would you mind sharing pictures?

    When did you get this? I wonder if Bloomies still carries HF. I have never seen it there. They are having friends and family next week that would be awesome if they carried it!! :smile:
  12. I just called Bloomies and they said they only carry HF silver. They said gold is only sold at HF stores.
  13. The first chain is just a YG chain that I already had. Helen sells a similar basic chain for ~$80. I have never actually been to a Bloomingdales. Your avatar says you live in NY. Are you anywhere near Soho? There's an actual Helen Ficalora store there. Helen herself could help you pick out your charms. She helped my sister pick out my ruby one. I'm so glad the pictures were helpful. What do you think you will get? Please post pics once you do. I love mommy necklaces.
  14. Ok I had to re visit this because I found 2 initial necklaces at Tj's today that I wanted to share! They are 14KT gold and very delicate. I took one initial off to combine with the other to be on the same chain. The total was $180 for the two necklaces. One of them was on Clearance because it had been there a while.


    And when my girls are older I can give their initials to them to wear:smile: