Baby Green Motorcycle Bag

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  1. Hey Y'all,

    I was just wondering if anyone knows if that Balenciaga motorcycle bag in baby green is still available.

    There are just so many types of Balenciaga bags, and I'm looking for the one that has the classic hardware.

    I know I'm not giving any specifics, but hopefully someone can help.


    (PS - I believe Mary Kate Olsen has that bag;
  2. Isn't that 04 seafoam ?
  3. ^^Its 04 Pistachio I believe
  4. MK's bag is a pistachio bag.
  5. Yes, MK has an 04 Pistachio City :yes:
    OP, if you are looking for something similar you should consider the FW 2010 Vert d'eau which is available now. It's gorgeous! Or you can track down a pre-loved bag of the same color MK has or 04 Seafoam (a little darker) or 07 Vert d'eau (very similar to 2010 VD).
  6. Terrydactyl

    I've never seen a green baby..................but I would like to.

    So, yeah, Purses and Pugs is exactly right. And has probably owned all of them at one time or another.

    You are so in luck because Real Deal Collections has a 04 Pistachio City (the exact color and style as MK's). Hard to find this in good condition...but if Corey is selling one on her site it must be. beat me to it Slippers.
  7. Hehe not quite, but I used to own an 07 VD. And I forgot to mention SS 10 Papeete earlier which is quite similar to 04 Seafoam (and I currently own a Papeete;))

    And Terrydactyl, if you want the excact same bag as MK I would definitley consider the one on RDC's site.
  8. I have a pistachio city ~waving hand in the air~ it's gorgy. :heart:
  9. Love this color! Would love to find one in mint condition someday!
  10. Yup, as others already mentioned, the color of MK's bag is 04 Pistachio. :yes:

    If you're looking for the same colored City or one of the other similar colors the ladies mentioned above, you can look through the Balenciaga Shopping section. You can either look through the Balenciaga Finds thread, or start a new thread with the title of the bag you're looking for. HTH! :flowers:
  11. Oh and also take a look at 09 Granny Green! The color is also very similar to 04 Pistachio.
  12. Thank you ALL for your comments. And for helping me out with the right color name...knew I was wrong! :smile: