Baby girl for Maggie n Peter!

  1. they welcomed daughter Ramona in New York Tuesday night. Their first child ever. but it's believed Ramona was born a full two weeks before maggie was due to give birth.

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  2. I heard about that today! I am so happy for them! She is sooo pretty!
  3. Congrats to them. I love her!!! I think Ramona is a really cute name, different and sweet!!!
  4. awww how sweeet .. congrats
  5. so happy for them... wish them luck in rearing their new baby..
  6. oh thats nice, she looks really fab.
  7. Congrats to them!
  8. congrats to them, and lucky girl to have Jack as an uncle.....
    or is it ´Jake ?
  9. awww that's nice i'm happy for them
  10. I'm not crazy about the name they chose but I love Maggie and wish her and her fiance and the new baby all the best. Peggy
  11. I really like them..that's great! I like Ramona--it's different without being made up and stupid! Hopefully this will start a trend in Hollywood. I wonder what the middle name is?
  12. Congrats to them!
  13. A big Congratulations is in order
  14. Great news!