Baby Giraffe Photo!

  1. I have been working night shift alot so haven't been on the forum as much lately. But here is the baby giraffe photo I promised you guys. Our staff photographer took this one and it blows away any I have taken so far! I'm gonna try to get one today of him taking his bottle from me so you can get an idea of how big this "little" guy really is! (At birth, he stood 6' 4" and weighed 158 lbs! That was about 2 weeks ago - he is growing like a weed!) His name is Lewis and he is an angel.


  2. awww!!!!!!!! he is so cute!! :heart: :love:
  3. He is gorgeous!!!!
  4. soo cute! i love your swimming elephant avatar too!
  5. Awww!! What a cutie!! You have such a wonderful job, bagnshoo!
  6. I've been waiting for this! He's so cute! thanks for posting the pics!
  7. Get out! Darling cutie baby! You have such an awesome job!
  8. Wow! He is magnificent! My husband is going to love this pic. Like I told you in another thread, he loves giraffes. It's ironic too that this baby giraffe and my husband have the same name.:wtf: :P
  9. What a cutie!
  10. LOL that's funny. :smile:

    Lewis is so cuuuute!
  11. awww i love girrafes
  12. What a beautiful pictures! I love the way baby giraffes look just like mini versions of the grow-ups -- they already have all of their hair and their pattern and everything. They are so, so sweet.