Baby Gift from Grandparents?

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  1. Hello Ladies,

    I am expecting my first child, a little girl, and my mom is over the moon about this. This is her first grandchild and I am her only child. She has bought the baby tons of things already and we really have everything we could need for the baby. The problem is that she wants to gift the child one nice, substantial gift that she will have forever and can look back at when she is older. She would like me to be the one who picks this gift out and at this point, it is REALLY stressing me out. It is the last big thing I need to do before the baby's arrival and she reminds me daily that I have not done it yet.

    She has not given me a budget but I am personally hoping it does not exceed $1000-1500 max as she has already been more than generous. Do any of you have suggestions of what this item could be? Either something you received from a grandparent or your child received that you thought was a great idea? I think she would love something heirloomish. Jewelry is always an option but tbh, she already has so much of her personal jewelry she has set aside for future occasions for the baby that I was hoping for something else. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Depends if you want something that's suitable for use now (or in the not too distant future) or something that your baby will have and use for the rest of her life.

    Something for now might be a rocking horse. Something for the future might be a jewelry box.

    Although why not have your mother invest the money for your daughter's future as it would make far more sense for your daughter to be the one that chooses the gift, perhaps as an older teenager.

    I have to say my grandparents bought me jewelry for when I was older, wanting to do the same thing as your mother, but I've never worn the pieces as they're not my taste. So in some respects, it can be quite a waste.
  3. A nice rocking horse sounds like a really good idea. It's something that can be passed down to your LO's child in the future, regardless of their sex. DH's parents saved his rocking horse and several blankets to pass on to our LO, which she has gotten use out of and I'm hoping she want to hold onto for her own LO's in the future.
  4. Contribute to a college fund? Savings bonds? Start a bank account?

    Since you're having a girl maybe a lockit or some kind of jewelry she can wear as she grows. A pendant for a necklace and she can change the chain on and wear as she gets bigger.
  5. I agree with jewelry but advise her to look for a very simple and timeless piece. As someone said above it may not be to your daughter's taste when she's older and she may never wear it.

    Suggestions are: small diamond solitaire necklace, small diamond studs, a necklace with religious symbol (if you/your mother are religious), single strand pearl necklace, nice charm bracelet to which Grandma can add charms through the years. These are fairly basic and non-specific (except the religious one) that are timeless.
  6. This. That way your girl can study or buy her first car or even use it as money for a house down payment.

    The best gift your mother could give her granddaughter is love and care.

    We have the grandparents do this, and all except my mom contribute throughout the years. By the time he's 21 he'll officially get it. My own mother refuses and sents "clothing money" every other month. Part of it I put on his saving and part we use as instructed to dress him in something new (everything else is second hand). She literally tries to buy our love, unfortunately.
  7. We've moved to experience gifts now. Both set of grandparents are buying classes for our almost four year old. The kids great grandmother started a pandora bracelet for our eldest. But I agree with others about putting it in something that might get interest then giving it to them after college.
  8. Thank you all for some wonderful and thoughtful suggestions! I had suggested the college fund/savings bond route to my mom but she wants a tangible object(s). Rocking horse, jewelry box and jewelry all sound like wonderful suggestions and I will present them to her.

    Another thought I had was maybe a few items from the Tiffany baby line. For example, the hair brush, feeding spoons, bowl, etc. Seems like a waste of money but at least they are "forever" items which seems to be what she really wants. My grandmother gave me a silver rattle I still have.
  9. I was going to buy a beautiful (timeless) piece of art for my child, so that it can grow with it. Just an idea :smile:

  10. I really like that idea.
  11. At first I was going to say a locket but what worked for me and came in very handy for my two kids when they were older was opening a bank account and depositing money for birthdays and holidays, this was what my MIL starting doing from the time of their birth.
  12. Money for a college fund.
  13. I would just ask for the money to open a bank account or college plan for the baby.
  14. Hermes has baby items. A baby blanket from H would last a lifetime. Also silver pieces.