Baby Food Makers- do you own one?

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  1. I am looking to buy a baby food maker and there are quite a few out there.
    I like the idea of the Kalorik because Macy's sells it, if it breaks or I hate it, I have a 1 year warranty.

    I have a $100 gift certificate to Albee baby and they have the Beaba on sale for $119.95 but I see mixed reviews for that.

    I like the looks of Baby Brezza 1 Step Food Maker.

    Any reviews would be very appreciated! For now I am mostly using Sprout baby food, Victoria loves it!

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  2. I looooooooove the Beaba. I used it so much I was sure I'd destroy it in weeks...but it's lasted solid over a year. The purée stage is a tough one, but I steamed and puréed and froze so much food with that thing it flew by. I was so enamoured with it, I bought the spoon/spork sets and freezer pack.

    It did the job, and paid for itself. I never used a single purée that was store bought, and made mass quantities with local, organic produce that went straight into my baby's mouth, no processing or preservatives.

    Even though bebefish has outgrown the purée stage, I still use it - esp for guacomole and salsas! LoL
  3. I'll also second the Baeba one..nice and compact, quick and makes really nice purees.
  4. Really easy clean up too - nice when you don't have much time to be fooling around with cleaning food Processors.
  5. We just steamed the fruits/veg and then processed them in a vitamix blender. You really don't need a dedicated maker just for baby food.
  6. Oh I am so getting a beaba..! When I was pureeing when my three girls where little there would be pots everywhere.. I love how 12 years on from my first baby amazing things have come on the Market..!
  7. Me too, except I used a food processor.
  8. Me 3 I use a food processor
  9. I agree. I used a blender and later a food processor.
  10. I don't see the point in those, but maybe thats because DD would never eat purees. DD went straight at 6/7 months to finger foods and skipped cereal/purees completely. When I did try them, I just steamed the veggies and mashed them up or threw them in a $10 mini food processor if I had to. Now at 8 months she is just eating them chopped up and feeds herself.
  11. I bought the Beaba yesterday with my gift certificate! Now I just have to figure it
  12. I had really good intentions of buying one, but never did. In hindsight, I'm glad I didn't spend the money. It seems like DS ate pureed food for such a short time -- I'm not sure it would have been worth it! I just cut everything up, used the blender on a few things, and smashed other things with a fork.
  13. duranie- OMG!! Congrats :smile:

    You will love your Beeba! I use it all the time! It is soooo easy to use...
  14. I LOVE my Beaba. I'm so not a domestic goddness in any way so knew I'd never make baby food if I had to bust out pots for steaming and a seperate food processor. Love that the Beaba steams and purees all in one. And so easy to use - you don't have to watch the stove and can just walk away from it. Even though my baby is well past purees I still use it to steam veggies for him. Clean up is also a cinch.
  15. Also... You don't have to put it away after the baby has transitioned to finger foods... It is great for steaming single servings of veggies! I love that I don't have to sit and watch over it like I would on the stove. When the light turns off it stops steaming.