Baby fever after giving birth. Baby now 4 months

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  1. For some reason I'm having baby fever already after 4 months my baby boy was born. Is this normal?
  2. What can I do to not think about having another one ni wouldn't kind having baby # 2.
  3. Is it possible you're just missing the feeling of being pregnant? Maybe you don't actually want another baby yet but your body is giving you mixed signals?
  4. I'm having baby fever to have #3 and I haven't even popped out #2, yet.
  5. ^ lol

    I think it's common. Your body goes through a lot. You may miss pregnancy. Your baby isn't a newborn anymore, so maybe you miss those things.

    I felt it pretty strongly when my son was 7 months old. My period still hadn't returned, but it did soon after that. It's possible that my hormones were fluctuating, my cycle was coming back (it did when my son was about 8 or so months old), and I was preparing to ovulate. That, combined with my baby growing up too fast, definitely made me think of newborns, and wanting to go through it again, and missing being pregnant.

    Looking back, I'm definitely glad I didn't try for our second one then. I'd be about 6 months along... I can't imagine bringing a newborn into the picture in 3 months! I feel like I would miss out on a lot of this stage of my son's life... he's close to walking, but still a little bit babyish. I don't want to rush through this, or not remember it. When he's two he'll be able to do a lot more, and be more independent.

    But now I'm starting to want another child "for real" and we are talking about trying soon. We want our kids to be close in age, but not that close. ;)

    Hang in there.
  6. I think it's pretty normal. If I didn't have twins, I would probably thinking about having another baby. I do have to say that I mised being pregnant. I had a super easy pregnancy so it's hard to find any faults. I looked at my photos from last year while pregnant, sometimes I got a little teary. But that said, I have twins. They are cute, adorable and I miss that newborn smells, but I'm not having another one period.
  7. ^^^LOL my friend gave birth to twins seven months ago and is pregnant again..she got baby fever when they were three mos old.

    I got intense feelings of wanting to be pregnant again when my dd was about 6 months old. The feeling subsided and I found out that I'm pregnant again while preventing a year later. I'm glad I'm preg now and not daughter will just turn two when I give birth and I think that's a better age gap.

    Your hormones are going crazy right now...don't make any rash decisions!
  8. I had baby fever when my baby was 3 months ! It goes off after a while so don't worry about it. And yes, your little one will grow so fast so enjoy the precious time you have with him now !
  9. WOW! I must be abnormal then. When I was preggers with #2 I was done. I can honestly say I never had baby fever.
  10. Not abnormal at all, I'm with you though I'm done after 1. Can't even imagine being pregnant again and going through that first year again! No way lol!
  11. I have 2 boys and I've actually had dreams in my sleep of breastfeeding a baby girl. My youngest is already 9, so no more LOL
  12. I had baby fever right after a few months of having my baby. I would totally go for it if DH would agree, but he said no way LOL.... I'm 42 so I was lucky to have baby #1!! I love the mommy experience so much I wish I would have started when I was younger, but I'm happy and blessed for the beautiful baby I have!!
  13. One of my baby books has a great section called "if you were to concieve #2 now" and it tells you where baby number one would be stage wise when number 2 arrived. When I read that baby one will be clingy, testing boundaries, in the hitting and pulling stage it totally knocked me out of wanting another baby.
  14. My DD turned two weeks already and I already want another one. lol I wanted one when I saw her for the first time. I hated being pregnant but everytime I see her I get sad knowing she is going to be growing up. I'm still hormonal though......haha
  15. It is normal to have baby fever but think about it...if your LO is 4 months now, that means he will only be about a year old when your next LO arrives if you were to conceive really soon. It will be incredibly demanding on you to have a newborn and a one year old. It might be easier for you to wait until your first little guy is a little older before trying again. Right around one they get really independent, more mobile, more demanding, and are very difficult to manage. I can't imagine trying to deal with that AND a newborn at the same time.