Baby dropping already?!

  1. About a week and a half ago, at 29 weeks, I started having a lot of lower abdominal pains that I did not previously have. I tried pelvic tilts, walked around, etc., nothing helped. It's not the groin pain I've been having, since I've had that for probably a month and am used to it. Doctor thought the baby might have dropped, wasn't worried since I wasn't bleeding or having contractions. I had a doctor's appt. the next day anyway, and he measured. My fundal height was down to 27, which confirmed baby is definitely dropping (I'd just had a growth U/S two weeks before which was normal, so we know the fundal height wasn't low due to IUGR.) I've also continued to have more abdominal/pubic bone area pain from the pressure.

    Isn't 29 weeks early for him to start dropping? I keep hearing that it's usually 4-6 weeks before, not 11! Is this an indication that he might come early? Anyone else walk around with baby dropped for 10-12 weeks?
  2. my kids never dropped . . .
    have they done an U/S to measure your cervix length, to make sure it's not shortening?
  3. Hmmm...they haven't checked my cervix length at all, doctor didn't even mention it as a concern. I have monthly ultrasounds, so I'll ask about that at the next one (Feb. 1.)
  4. you're usually fine if it's not affecting your cervix.
    Keep us updated!
  5. I started having contractions and pain in the pelvic and lots of pressure down ther at 28 29 weeks too.
    I couldn't even walk to the bathroom bec of the pressure...
    it was a Sunday evening when it started so we almost went to the hospital.
    but somehow I also knew that I wasn't in labor because the contractions were very far apart.
    So I told my DH we could wait till the next day to see our doctor.
    She didn't check my cervix just asked a whole bunch of questions about how the pain and pressure i felt.
    and told me that I need to drink more water ( I'm diabetic)
    so the peeing through the night and day too can cause some dehydration
    that can irritate the uterus and cause some discomfort.

    But my doctor also knows that i delivered both my daughters early...
    one was 5 weeks and one was 4 weeks early...
    so she told me to start monitoring my contractions too... just incase...
    and to stay out of my feet and rest.

    Just be sure to let your doctor know whatever you are feeling...
    they told me that they prefer to get alot of false alarms than you not telling them how you feel.

    take care and Hugs:flowers: