Baby diaper bag for everyday/office use??

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  1. I’m so torn...I would like to get the signature diaper bag for everyday use & I don’t have kids.

    I love the bag has a zipped outside pocket. I can also put lipsticks and pens in the side pockets.

    Am I so crazy to get a diaper bag for non-baby related uses?

    And please stay healthy, everyone!!
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  2. Not crazy.
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  3. Not crazy at all. I've owned many a baby bag and have never had a baby. I prefer the term "multifunctional" bags. The pockets are so handy!
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  4. I have an older signature one that I used as a tote when I was in college. It is a beast I still use on vacations. It was a find about 8 years ago at the outlet. I paid just over $100 for it. Better than any backpack I ever carried. It got banged around, tossed on the floor, kicked over, shoved in my car and went through rain and snow. It's still in perfect condition.
  5. Not crazy at all. The designs for their diaper bags have come a long way. The shape reminds me a lot of the LV Neverful and unlike the Neverful it has a zipper and interior pockets. With all those pockets, you might not even need a purse organizer.