Baby Crowe

  1. [​IMG]Tough guy Russell Crowe shows his tender side as he holds up his own mini-me, son Charles Spencer, 2, on the New York City set of his RidleyScott-directed drama American Gangster on Monday
  2. I think he's AD-orable!! Just squish'im up.

    Crowe, I could do without... just takes himself waaaay too seriously.
  3. awwwwwwww cute!
  4. He looks EXACTLY like his daddy - wow!
  5. How cute!!!!!! Russell Crowe is an amazing actor.
  6. awww how cute! Really does look like a crowe mini-me.
  7. Mini-me is right! They're like xerox copies of each other!
  8. cute kid..
  9. cute!!!!
  10. Yeah, there is not denying that kid! WOW
  11. Awww! They look so alike! His son is adorable! :heart:
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