baby cries while still asleep

  1. hi ladies,

    is this a common thing? my baby cries in her sleep... alot. i hear her crying and will think she woke up, each time i would rush to her crib only to find her still sleeping! this happens at least three times a day... and her crying will last anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute.

    what is causing this?
  2. I've never had this happen with my twins... at least I don't think so.

    When you say 'crying' what exactly do you mean? Crying as in 'weeping' or 'whimpering' (upset) or crying as in screaming?

    I've noticed a lot of sighing during sleep with my 2 little ones, but not crying. If they get upset (used to be gas, now it's teething) then they wake up and cry.
  3. babies can cry in their seep if they have a little bit of wind, they will let out a cry but when you get there they are asleep.
  4. This happens to my son a couple times a week. He'd be asleep, then all of a sudden, he'll break out in this loud cry. When I check on him, he's still asleep.
  5. My son would do this a of around 7 months. It was a lot like whimpering when you cry a lot. He stopped after a month, but still does it occasionally. I think of had to do with his teeth because thats around the time it would happen.
  6. one of my twins always did it, whimpered in his sleep. This is why I learned to sleep w/o them in the room w/ me, they made too much noise.
    He's 4 now ans sometimes I catch him belly laughing in his sleep! :love:
  7. Similar to Swanky, my baby will sometimes cry out in his sleep, but he also laughs in his sleep as well. So far, they're both pretty short, maybe 5-10 seconds, but he's only 4.5 months old.
  8. mine does that sometimes. =(

    but he wakes up happy in the morning! =D
  9. Mine does that all the time. He cries, laughs, giggles, babbles... it's really tough since I sleep in the same room as him. I actually asked my doctor about it, and he said it was completely normal. There's nothing to worry about. :smile:
  10. Nicole still does this and she's 5....It's not a cry more of a whimper
  11. I am sure that your daughter is perfectly fine. I think most babies laugh or cry sometimes in their sleep? My son, now almost 16 was an absolutely delightfully easy baby. He never cried except as a newborn upon waking for feeding in the night. My friends were amazed that he never cried? I had never had a baby before so I didn't think it was unusual.

    He started having "night terrors" when he was around 3. I found it extremely unnerving, and I was very worried. He would cry and it seemed like a tantrum;but he was fast asleep. I tried to wake him and comfort him,but it would only make things worse. He would sometimes sit up or stand up and I was unable to wake him.
    They would last for up to five minutes or so;but it seemed like an eternity. Suddenly he would calm and go back to sleep.
    "Night Terrors" is an apt name because I sure was terrified! I was worried he might have a mental or neurological disorder? He would wake up happy as a lark as usual,and never talked of nightmares.

    This was way before I had knowledge of or access to a computer. I searched library books and book stores hoping to find out what could be going on before I asked my doctor.
    Once I found out about "night terrors" I was relieved and knew he would outgrow them. I still worried when he was overtired because that often triggered them

    I am not suggesting that your daughter is experiencing this. I just thought I would tell you about my son's experience.
    He was 5 years old when he had his last night terror. He occasionally will talk in his sleep;but does not sleep walk. He is totally happy and healthy and has never had the flu, or ever vomited?????(I am amazed by this!)

    I just wanted to let some of you new mothers know about "night terrors" so you will not worry or be alarmed if your child should ever experience them.
  12. My son still does this, and he just turned 3. It happens alot when he is turning/moving in bed in his sleep. He also does it more if he has had an intense/busy day. I think it is just their little brain's way of getting rid of any extra stimuli they went to bed with. JMO
  13. My DS does. Every now and then. I check on him, and he'll be sleeping! He laughes and smiles in his sleep as well :tender:
  14. All 3 of my kids have cried in their sleep. I assume it to be a normal thing in babies. But, I've also heard the old wives tale that babies cry in their sleep because you cried a lot during your pregnancy.
  15. Our little girl is around the same age (born June 19th) and she has been crying in her sleep for the past two days. I was so worried I spent a couple of hours searching this on the internet last night. I picked her up last night while she was crying and rocked her a little bit and she quited down. She also laughs out loud in her sleep sometimes. I like that a lot better...