baby coco cabas

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm new to the purse forum, and am thinking about buying my first chanel. I was wondering how much a baby coco cabas would cost retail? Thanks again in advance for all your input!:smile:
  2. baby cabas cost $1995 US. i have one and i love it to death, very practical and everyday bag!!
  3. Great choice.
  4. Welcome :tup:
  5. Thanks everyone for the replies! Now to find one :yahoo:
  6. good luck in finding one! the baby cabas is a great bag.:girlsigh:

    do post pictures when you get one!
  7. yay, congrats on your upcoming first chanel!! make sure to post pics when you receive her!
  8. i saw black and khaki (chocolate color) baby cabas in topanga Nordstrom. good luck!
  9. topanga Nordstrom was all out of cabas when i checked on sunday. good luck in your search!
  10. good luck! i have the black baby cabas and it is one of my fav bags.
  11. I boguht mine in white. I think it's 960 GBP at that time.
  12. Great choice bag, and welcome to the Forum :smile: