Baby Coco Cabas

  1. I have always debated whether or not to get the baby cabas. It looks like such a functional bag. I love it even more when I see other people modeling theirs, but am unsure how it will look on me. I haven't been able to try it on because they're always sold out. I am 5'1" and 110 lbs. Do you think it will look too big on me because of my height? I like my bags to sit above my hips.

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but is the baby coco cabas included in the Nov. 1st price increase? Are there anymore available in black? I'm still kicking myself for not trying to find it for this past EGC when I bought my Chanel necklace and earrings. If it doesn't go up in price, I might just wait for the next EGC.
  2. i don't know about availability or price, but i've seen someone your height carrying this bag and it still looks good :smile:
  3. Hi there :smile: I have a baby Cabas in black and I have only good things to say about it (well, just one minor complaint - it'd be perfect if the top can be closed better). It's functional and the leather's durable. I schlep it around doing grocery shopping etc and it looks perfectly brand new.

    I'm marginally taller than you and I think that I look good wearing it :p More to the point, I've received compliments from people who can be quite critical. I just tried mine on for you and the bottom of the bag stops above the hips.

    Don't know about the price increase and where you might get hold of one; you could try the Chanel no. If you decide to get it, I suggest you get it as soon as you locate it - these babies are hard to come by nowadays. There is the one in blue and and gradient gray I think from Cruise but that's bigger than the baby Cabas. Anyway, good luck!
  4. my sa's at NM said the baby cabas was not included in the price increase, she said only the classics. I just bought one on thurs and took her back on friday, so there is ONE left at the NM at the The shops at willow bend in Texas. Call and ask for Krista - she's awesome!!
  5. There's a newer version of the baby cabas:it comes out in two sizes :one is pretty big and I wouldn't recommend it for you.the second is smaller and I think it will be OK.Both bags are identical in design only that the bigger size comes in black and the smaller in brown/chaki colour (at least as far as I know);
    the difference from the old baby cabas is the size(the old is being somewhere between the two new versions in dimentions) and the chain : the old has got the leather interwoven chain while the new ones have a braided leather chain- personally I like both of them.
    I 'd suggest you get either the old baby cabas or the newer smaller version
    I don't think there will be a farther increase on the old one although in the new ones prices must vary since one is bigger and the other's smaller than the old baby cabas !Hope it helps!:smile:
  6. ^Yep, I recommend the old BC. The new "baby" is SUPER big.

    I'm 5'2" and I wear my baby cabas proudly! I think it's the perfect sized bag.
  7. Thanks ladies!

    I have always tried on bags before purchasing, that's why it's so hard deciding. I've heard alot of people say it's too big, but I'm not sure if it's the baby cabas they were referring to or the bigger version of it (big baby cabas). I can't believe how popular this bag is! Everytime I ask about it at Saks Chanel, my Sa says it doesn't last in the store for more than a day when she gets it in! I guess that means that women love this bag! That makes me want it even more. :p

    Night Jasmine, thanks for trying it on for me. I'm glad to hear that it stops above the hip.

    I think I'll call my SA to do a locate for me and if there is one available, I'll purchase it and see if I like it on me. I guess that's the only way I'll ever get to try it on.
  8. I have the baby cabas in black and love it to bits :smile: It's definitely very practical - I use it for work almost everyday and also on weekends.

    I'm 5'0, 100lbs so I'm even smaller than you but I don't think it looks big at all. And yes it does sit above the hips (just).
  9. Ur most welcome designer307. Sorry that I completely forgot about the bigger baby Cabas :tender: I hope you find and love the one you're looking for, good luck with your search! :smile:
  10. Imelda Jr, I'm glad you love your baby cabas! The more I hear ladies loving it, the more I want it.

    Thank you, Night Jasmine. I did call my SA to try and locate one for me, but she hasn't called me back yet. Now my concern is loose threading. :push: I read that some ladies are having problems with the thread unraveling.

    For those of you that have had it for a while, how is it holding up?
  11. Yeah I heard about the loose threading too. I'm pleased to say that mine looks as good as when I first got it (no unraveling thread whatsoever) and I'm not one to go out of my way to pamper my bags :sweatdrop: I did check the bag very thoroughly though (specifically for any loose or bad stitches) before purchasing it. Caveat - as I don't use the bag every single day, my input may not be all that reliable. I'm sure there are many other tpfers who can give you more reliable input on this :smile:
  12. ^^ Yeah, that's the thread that got me worried. I'm not so sure about the bag anymore because this was going to be my "everyday" bag that I would lug around everywhere (running errands, driving the kids around, grocery shopping etc.) I need a bag that I don't have to be so careful with for everyday use. I might just pass up on it because 2k for a bag that I have to worry about and be extra careful with all the time is just not worth it.
  13. The baby cabas is a great bag. I'm sure you will love it.