Baby Coco Cabas, threads came loose!!

  1. I was horrified to see threads coming totally loose on my cabas!! I took it back of course (only had it since May) They gave me a new bag (NM) instantly but the SA told me this wasn't an isolated case!!!! How are yours holding up?? I can't believe a Chanel would come undone in 6 months - Makes you think.
  2. MIne's the same... about 2-3 stitches got pulled out.

    I'm ready to take to Chanel to have it fixed... but I know it's gonna take a long time... my last bag, it took them 5 mons to fix.... that's why I'm still holding mine.

    I' ve heard soo many people experiencing this already!!!
  3. So sorry about that !So nice of you to share this with us !Glad you got a new one immediately!:yes::smile:
    May I ask if it was the original/old version(that with the leather interwoven chains) or one of the two new ones they released this year(with braided leather chains?TIA!
  4. My leather on my new chain on my bronze cabas came lose. It started to unravel. I brought it back immediately, and got an LV.
  5. Wow, I thought I was the only one. A few stitches (3-4) came loose on the leather chain. I was worried Chanel would take forever to fix it, so I just hand-stitched it tightly myself and it looks fine...
  6. It's silver chain interwoven with leather - she pulled it right off the shelf, so I'm sure it was new - looked the same as the one I returned - I must say, I'm nervous about using the darn bag after this. I probably should have just returned it and gotten a different bag - since I'm so worried about it happening again.
  7. Just to be clear, the stitches that came loose on my bag were on the lower part of the bag where the stiches criss cross - a whole strip of them just came undone.
  8. ^Wow that's horrible! For me, it was just 3-4 stitches that were coming a little "loose" on the chain. It was no big deal, which is why I just did a quick fix repair on it myself.
  9. I have a teal baby cabas and stitches came loose on the bottom front. Since that color was sold out, I had to bring it into Chanel for repair. It took 2 months! My friend also had a black baby with popping stitches. She was able to get a new bag. Seems to be a problem with the way they originally sewed it. You are not alone.
  10. IMO, way too many problems - If I had read all of this beforehand, I would not have spent $2000.00 on a bag that wasn't put together properly.
  11. My stitches came loose on the bottom of the bag twice. The first time, it happened after I had worn the bag ONE time. I took it back to Chanel for repair. The repair took forever and looks okay, but you can see that it was repaired if you know where to look. The second time it happened, I fixed it pretty easily by myself. I sew, and since the stitching goes through pre-punched holes in the leather, I got my needle and thread through pretty easily. I think that my repair looks better than the professional one. I LOVE this bag, but I will never buy another chanel bag with this type of stitching. . .
  12. nice job! way better than waiting a few months for them to get to it.
  13. wow, that's crazy good thing your friend was able to get a new bag! Chanel really need to address these quality control issues....
  14. ok suzyZ, i thought i'm the only one the problem. Hopefully i can get a new bag too. I wrote my problems with my 2.55 bag on the other thread "need help and advise!" and i attached some pictures about it.

    Now it makes me feel better and waiting peacefully for 3 weeks until i fly back home and go to the store.
  15. OMG! Just got mine. Hope it doesn't happen to me!!!