Baby Coco Cabas, threads came loose!!

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  1. I was horrified to see threads coming totally loose on my cabas!! I took it back of course (only had it since May) They gave me a new bag (NM) instantly but the SA told me this wasn't an isolated case!!!! How are yours holding up?? I can't believe a Chanel would come undone in 6 months - Makes you think.
  2. Sorry for double thread, Moderator, please delete. Tks.
  3. eeepps!! did they sell the one you exchanged for to someone else?? lol i hope not! NM was so nice to do an exchange for you though. how did the threads come loose on your cabas?

    i've just received mine and i'm not too sure about the stitches but they do look rather delicate so i am quite careful with her. hopefully she'll last me for a long time, otherwise i'd terribly heartbroken :sad: the quality of chanel handbags isn't that fantastic now, imho, is deteriorating instead. my new patent jumbo flap had an extra thread and i was wondering what happened to QC??