Baby Coco Cabas In Kaki

  1. Does anyone have this color? Can you post a picture if you do, I ordered it and should receive it next week but I'm confused about the color because it sure doesn't look kaki in the pictures I have seen. If it is too brown I will return it to Neimans so if any are interested let me know and I will give you my SA's number.
  2. Search khaki in the chanel forum. Several members, myself included, have posted pictures of this bag. I'd also look in the reference library and find the thread that says post pictures of your coco cabas. Good luck! You'll love it.
  3. Sorry for the typo, I meant Khaki.
  4. I have it.It does have a metallic glint to it and its stiffer than my Black and teal cabas.BUT its VERY pretty IRL! It goes with anything!