baby coco cabas -- in hk/taiwan or japan

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  1. i'm still in love with this bag and i was wondering if there bag was available anywhere in asia?
  2. I had seen the Black and White colour of Baby Coco Cabas in Chanel Shop at Harajiku of Tokyo on last November , but I'm not sure it's still available or not now? May be I can help you to check again because I will be there next week.:okay:

  3. thanks so much for letting me know! i think i should give them a ring and ask about the stock in japan.. i have a friend going there in a month. And he was supposed to be getting me the miumiu bow bag.. but i'd rather this so much more!
  4. yes, your best chance is to try Tokyo (I saw it at Shinjuku Isetan Shop), but the price is about 35 to 40% higher than Hong Kong
  5. oh ouch 40% higher than hk. what are the chances of finding the bag in hk?
  6. Í didn't see any baby cabas in the HK Chanel boutiques, but there were a few new ones at one of the consignment stores, I think they were black, khaki/bronze?? not sure of the color....
    it's usually much more expensive in the consignment stores..

    Good luck with your search..
  7. Are the consignment shops in HK and Japan reliable? Do fakes ever get slipped in with the real ones? I don't think I'd be very good at telling the difference between a 'good' fake and a real one, so I wanna know if these stores are going to be true to their word then they say their bags a real...
  8. Yes... altho they all say they only sell authentic bags and some even do 100% refund, they are still tiny little risk if you want to buy from them, my girlfriend bought a brand new metallic black reissue there and she had me there with my own MB reissue (bought from NYC) to compare before she paid.

    So it's best that if you are familiar with the bag you want and also learn a few authen. tips before you buy... and always ask for a receipt and make sure they do refund.... tho we all hope we don't need to bring it back to ask for one.
  9. what color are you looking for?
  10. I want one badly too but of course, no luck at all! I've even checked the consignment stores but they are way toooooooooooo expensive!!! Guess how much do they charge? They marked it up to HK$26,XXX!!!!! IMO, that is totally insane!
  11. you will be surprised that they still sell like hot cakes.... so it all depends on how bad you want it.....