baby coco cabas hardware question

  1. hi girls im kinda confused on what color the baby coco cabas hardware suppose to be. is it silver like sterling silver color or kinda like a dark silver? please help!!!!:confused1:
  2. I've only seen it in silver.
  3. i know its silver but does is it a dark silver or a sterling color silver?:heart:
  4. I don't know if its sterling, but its the same color.
  5. It's just silver... but not a really bright one. But silver, nevertheless.
  6. It's kind of a gunmetal silver color. ;) It's def not a light silver.
  7. thanks girls! thats the name of the color i was looking for, gunmetal silver, thanks oogiewoogie!!:tup:
  8. yes it is gunmetal silver, sort of more to the pewter color than a normal silver color. i was looking at my new cabas and figuring out the name for the hardware too ;)