Baby coco cabas availabe at BG

  1. :graucho: CALL CALL CALL NOW only one is available in black...First come, first serve...SA is saskia. I just got a phone call from her so should be available at this moment. 212-872-2856 (Bergdorf Goodman)
  2. Oops!
  3. thanks icy for the heads up!! i just got the last one :p :yahoo: :heart:
  4. Wow, congrats!! May I ask what BG's price is on this one? it $1795 or did they too increase it to $1995?
  5. it's still $1795 :yes: they also had the denim original cabas at BG.
  6. I just wanted to state that the $1995 cabas is the larger "baby" cabas. It has the quilted bottom like the baby but the size is like the original cabas. I think there's another thread that mentions the chain is like the khaki baby cabas. I's so confusing! I talked to the SA at NM today and was like...huh? :confused1:
  7. Thanks for the info. Ok I am sooo confused now as to the sizing difference -- could someone please confirm the dimensions for the "larger Baby Cabas"....the one with diamond quilting at the bottom but is supposedly the size of the original non-quilted Cabas?
  8. I'm glad that one of our pfers got the last one...I'm Sooooo happy for you:yahoo: sweetsparkle!! I just recieved mine today and I'm in LOVE with my baby coco cabas....:heart:
  9. I love mine too icy!! i took it out for half an hour and everyone was oo-ing and ah-ing over it! :wlae:
  10. Just called BG to ask about the baby cabas sizes -- Saskia said the $1795 one is the small one, then the $1995 one (which they got but sold out of...?) is just larger by about 3 inches (but still has the diamond quilting....not as huge as the original Cabas). With all this confusion I wish I could see a photo comparison of all 3 sizes!

  11. I got mine also!!! I feel so complete finally. The bag is simply wonderful!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  12. Congrats!