Baby Chloe with no serial number?

  1. okay I know so many people have raised this question... I bought my first Chloe from Miss Louise in Melbourne a few weeks ago (3 to be exact). As the service was so bad, their the last people I want to go back to, to ask any questions.

    So first, my style is the baby/mini chloe with straps... I couldn't locate this in any pics, but I am assuming this is a genuine style. The second is, there is no serial number anywhere on the bag.

    I asked them at the time when I opened the pocket (which they took great offense too) and said that Chloe didn't make any serial numbers on their bags anymore.

    Is this legit. Apparently they claim the bag is the new season stock, however I can't see pics for it anywhere....

    Should it have a serial number?
  2. hmm, well Chloe certainly were inconsistant with the serial numbers when they were first produced (babys came out for the 2nd seasons batch), and even a couple of last seasons bags were inconsistant and didnt always have a serial number, so its not a valid reason for something to be suspect, but I, like you would want to know why there was not one there! Did you look in the inside zipped pocket in the corners, could be hidden slightly, although I know the bags not very big, so I am sure that you have looked all over lol.

    Can you post piccies of your new bag. The mini has been produced with the shoulder strap so you have no worries there.

    What colour is it, as this can help us ascertain when it was made :yes:
  3. Here are some pics....
    CPMini3.JPG CPMini2.JPG CPMini.JPG
  4. For what ever it's worth my 07 bag does NOT have a serial tag on the inside as well. That was the FIRST thing I looked for when the bag was received and like you I wrote on to this site asking similar questions.

    My med pocket Paddington came from Intermix who is a reputable retailer of Chloe bags, the paper tag attached has the model number, color, price etc but that was it. Oh I also received the paper folded controll card. Perhaps the 07's are void of the leather serial tag.:confused1: