Baby Carriers!!

  1. Hi everyone so i have a question i am looking into getting a baby carrier and can't make up my mind which is better..So maybe someone can tell me which one to get..I love the Slings by peanut shell but i'm not sure if it's hard to put baby in and out of it..Also i love the wraps by peanut shell and not sure about those either i can't imagine like wrapping that thing around me a million times LOL..Or should i get the baby bjorn..Does anyone have any of these and can tell me what they think?? I also Love the sling by Hot Mama Ink it's so cute and rockstar..
  2. I have the Baby Bjorn and hardly used it. It was kind of tough on my back, and not very comfortable *to me* overall.

    My friend used the Ergo baby carrier, which can be carried in different ways. I think it's a little pricier than the Bjorn, but she hauled her super-chubby 9mo old (which would have killed my back with the Bjorn) from Oakland to SF in her Ergo carrier without any problem.
  3. This is one of my favorite topics! I've tried lots of different baby carriers and would be pleased pass on some observations.

    I started out with a Fisher Price baby carrier from Toys R Us. It wasn't very comfortable and it wasn't long before I started looking for something better.

    Then I tried a Baby Bjorn. It was way more comfortable than the FP, but only for a couple of months, and then the baby outgrew it. Other limitations of the Bjorn: it holds the baby dangling by the crotch, which isn't a very natural way to carry a baby (doesn't seem like it would be very comfortable for the baby either!), and it can only be used for front-carries, not back-pack style.

    Then I found mei tai style carriers. These are the best, IMO! They are super-versatile, they can be worn on the front or on the back, and they can easily be worn by different people of different sizes. They distribute the baby's weight well, better than any other carrier I've tried. My favorite brand is Kozy Carrier, but there are lots of companies that make this style of carrier (just google for mei tai). Or check out a store that sells multiple styles and brands, such as Attached to Baby or Peppermint.

    I also like ring slings for wearing to church or any place where I'll be sitting down a lot. Also, for me, a ring sling is the best thing I've found for being able to nurse discretely. I've been through a similar refining process with trying to find better ring slings:

    My first was a Nojo brand from Babies R Us. It was heavily padded and pretty comfortable, but rather dowdy looking. I saw a picture of myself wearing the Nojo at Christmas time and was prompted to go on a quest to find something more fashionable!

    I next tried an Over the Shoulder Baby Holder that was a little better looking, but still heavily padded and rather bulky.

    That's when I discovered TBW, the baby-wearing forum, and from there I found Zolowear slings. They are so elegant! I have some in stretch cotton and one in silk brocade for special occasions. It is so nice to have something pretty and practical for baby carrying!

    Now, you asked about pouches. I've tried Peanut Shell and Hotslings and liked the look of both but never could get really comfortable in either. In my experience it's hard to get a good fit in a non-adjustable pouch. For a one-shouldered carry, I prefer either a ring sling or an adjustable pouch like Kangaroo Korner adjustable fleece pouch or Pea in a Pod (custom hemp fleece pouches that feel like the more comfortable sweat shirt material).

    Wraps can be super-comfortable but in my experience a pain to use and difficult to keep clean because it's hard to keep them from dragging on the ground when you're putting them on. I've tried Didymos, which is very popular in Europe, and Hug-a-Bub, an Australian wrap. Both comfortable, but I never really found the wrap love and I ended up selling them.

    Maybe this was more than you wanted to know, but if you want to talk more about baby carriers, I'm up for it! :smile:
  4. Wow Thanks (MoreLvPlease) you have really tried all of them..So i'm not sure which one to buy now..I know that the peanut shell and the hotslings get really good reviews on the internet..I feel like i'm going to spend all this money and i won't even use it..Have you heard anything about the hot mama slings? I just love the print on it..I guess i can just get it and if i don't like it sell it on eBay LOL...I do know that the wraps are not for me like i said i can't imagine wrapping that thing around me i would scream..But i just love the ride in style from peanut shell..
  5. You need to get yourself to The gals there trade these baby carriers all the time (and that place is addictive as here). People swap and sell both new and used.

    And honestly? What works for you for a newborn maybe different than what works for the older child.

    For me, as a newborn I loved the hotsling and the wrap. As he got a bit older, I liked the Mei Tai and the ergo for the front and as he got a bit older, I loved them for the back. The ergo carrier I only used for all day out and we wore DS when he was 10 months and about 24 pounds ALL DAY LONG in Venice, Italy with no problems. He loved it!

    I also learned to really love Ring Slings and mei hip carrier (or is it hip tai?) for carrying him on my hip when he got to be old enough for that. So, I just had in my arsenal in the beginning a hotsling and wrap. Then, I graduated to a Ring sling (unpadded is MUCH, MUCH easier to use) and the hip tai for side carriers and the Ergo and a mei Tai for front and back carriers.

    The one down thing with the ergo is that with all the padding, it's not stuffable for a diaper bag, which is why I had the mei tai, because those roll up pretty small.

    Believe me, ALLLLLL babies love to be carried, it's just learning what works for the both of you.
  6. I have the peanutshell reversible, its cotton and my DS hates it. He is 3 1/2 months and i try it every few weeks, still no go. I kinds wish i would have gotten one with some stretch.

    I also have the bjorn, which he loves. It pretty much so makes him go to sleep. I mainly use it for a mommy and me aerobics class but occassionally around the house.

    I am also looking for something else that will transition to a hip carry....need to look into these mei tei's everyone seems to love!
  7. My best friend used a peanutshell all the time with her son and he loved it. I had been planning on just using one of those, but it sounds like it's going to be trial and error, since everyone's babies are different. Maybe I'll start off with a Kozy and a Peanutshell; they both got good reviews on the babywearer site. Thanks for posting about that site berryblondeboys - you are such a fabulous resource for baby gear info!!
  8. I loved using a padded ring type sling with my dd...I carried her in it up until she was two and a half. Thank goodness she's on the lighter side! :smile: I plan to use it again with this baby (especially during the newborn days) and have also bought a Mei Tai for when he is a little older. I'm also in the process of ordering one of these:
    The owner is fabulous to work with and her slings have gotten such rave reviews! Can't wait to be able to use it!
  9. Bjorn. I felt that mine was really comfy actually. There is a model out that is a bit lighter, I think it's a sport model or something, but I always wore mine around, especially outside when my son would play.

    I always felt like my babies would fall out or tear out of slings.
  10. Berryblondeboys is right, The Babywearer has a brisk buy/sell/trade forum; it's also a great place to go for information about baby carriers. There's also a Babywearing swap Yahoo group you might check if you are interested in picking up a few different baby carriers to try (or selling those that don't work for you):

    I also wanted to pass along that Hotslings (and maybe Peanut Shell?) are available at some Target stores. Zolowear slings and Ergos are sold at baby boutique shops, etc. So you might be able to "try before you buy."
  11. Has anyone heard about the Mamma's Milk slings i guess thats what all the Celebrity wear and they got some really good reviews..And i guess they can be adjusted unlike the peanut shell..I think i might try this one i'm going to read more on the reviews to see..And they have really cute designs this is the one i'm looking at..
  12. I've had both the regular Bjorn and sport. Used them both with my daughter and she loved them. I loved it because it was so easy to use. I also purchased the BabyHawk Mei Tei baby carrier for my son. I thought it was cool because you could pick the design. Although he liked it, it was a pain to put on. I couldn't stand that the straps would touch the floor because they were long. I just stuck to the baby Bjorn.
  13. I have a Moby wrap to start with. DH bought a Bjorn from eBay to try. We'll see!
  14. Getting used to the long straps does get some getting used to, but after awhile you get used to it.

    The biggest problem with the bjorn is that after a baby gets to be about 18 lbs, it's REALLLLLLLY heavy on the shoulders, MTs and other put weight on the back and hips and virtually NOTHING on the shoulders if done up right. I usually found that I felt the weight/tiredness on my feet from hauling 20 plus extra pounds FAR before I felt it anywhere else.
  15. I loved the Bjorn with my DD. She lived in it until she was about 6 months. I had tried a ring sling (Maya wrap) and she just hated being all wrapped up. I discovered babywearing after 6 months when she was getting too big for the Bjorn. The Ergo is great and can be used for awhile. We just used it with her on a hike recently and she's almost 3. I had a Peanut Shell sling that I also used with her, but not until she was older in the hip carry and she loved it. The peanut shell wrap and slings are adorable! I think they're all great. I'm not help, but there's a wealth of info at thebabywearer if you really want to get into researching. Good luck!