Baby Carriers / Wraps

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  1. Definitely try the babybjorn ONE in mesh if you likes the "system"

    Very similar and mesh doesn't get as hot
  2. I still haven't bought the Ergo yet... I did "accidentally" buy a few Tula wraps/slings. They were too pretty not to buy, and got them for retail/below retail. I need to look away or those prints will pull me in further.
  3. I am starting to consider mesh as well since I am due in the summer.
  4. I've used it everyday since my baby was 1 month old until 6 months and we even traveled to a much colder europe and I carried him for 8+ hours and it was great!!

    my aussie friend has this in the plain version and loves it!!
  5. I live in Houston tx and wear our baby with the ergo performance plus infant insert. It gets really hot here and I've been fine with it.
  6. I bought a moby when I was still pregnant because I was curious about the wraps. We had an ergo for my first son but as someone had posted, it's too big on me - I'm only 4'11 and I couldn't position of comfortably so it wasn't used much. I used the moby for a couple of times with my 6 week old and while I liked it, he got really warm in it. When I would take him out, the side of his head that was against me was so sweaty. I somehow stumbled on a local babywearers intl group on Facebook and ended up buying a wrapsody hybrid. I LOVE it. Its much thinner than a moby and it seemed to support him better. Now I'm on the hunt for more...very curious about the Tula wraps.
  7. I have two for my 9 month old. I've used a Maya wrap from day one and love it. She has slept many hours in it and it is made of a light linen so it got me through the hot Texas summer. I still reach for it a lot because its easy to just slip on and I love that it has a zip pocket so I can throw my wallet and keys in the pocket and make a quick Target or park run. This one was also very easy for me to breast feed in.

    I also have an Ergo 360 that I love.This one is bigger and doesn't just slip on but it feels better because it distributes her weight more evenly. My husband prefers the Ergo and almost never uses the sling. I'm really glad we have both though because we use them daily. Let me know if you have any questions about either one!
  8. I have the ergo for my son. Tried a wrap and it put too much strain on my shoulders. The ergo is perfect though it does get a little warm (i live in a tropical country). The thing is my son grown so now his head keeps bumping my chin when we use it!
  9. I used the boba wrap when my daughter was a newborn. But as she grew heavier, i noticed it would sag after a while and I had to readjust it. So we looked for soft structured carriers and my husband prefers the ergo 360 while I prefer the lillebaby
  10. I tried 5 different carriers, wraps, stretchy slings and more structured options. My personal favorite is the Ergobaby Performance. It has mesh for breathability in the summer or for exercise and it has built in zip pockets in front where they are easy to reach. We keep all of the adjustment straps snapped except for the waist strap and then it can just be pulled over the head, snapped at the waist and cinched tight. Make sure to get the newborn insert if you have a new baby. Once your baby is about 10 pounds, you take out the little booster in the bottom of the newborn insert. Once your baby can support their head on their own, you can remove the newborn insert (which is quite hot)! My baby is just under 3 months, so we are still sweating away with the newborn insert!
    My husband and I found it worthwhile to buy a carrier for him and another one for me once we found the style that we liked best. That way there is one carrier always adjusted to each of our sizes ready to slip on and go.
  11. Anyone try the K'Tan? Want something light for the summer since I'm due end of July.
  12. I have boba and it was too hot. I have the mesh lillebaby and I LOVE it!!
  13. I rarely used my ergo. I used my basic Bjorn a lot. My kids seem to fit the description of Dr. Sear's high needs babies. DS would not tolerate any carriers and HAD to be held. DD preferred to face out. I found the Bjorn to be the easiest to figure out. If I were to do it all again, I would get the baby Bjorn One. I found out about it after my second one was born and I knew I was not having any more babies, so I did not make the investment. The only problem I had with the basic Bjorn was that my shoulders would carry most of the weight, no matter how hard I tried to adjust it. The One probably would have solved that problem.
  14. I still use a boba wrap, which I used from the beginning with my baby. I love that it's easy to adjust and once you get the hang of putting it on it's a breeze.

    We also have a stokke mycarrier for a structured carrier. My daughter is finally big enough to sit comfortably in it and I have to say it has great back support for the adult wearing it! It's a little difficult for me to get her in it but once I do it's very comfortable. I'm still learning with this one. I used my friend's Beco Gemini carrier recently and it was way less comfortable after wearing it for an hour.