Baby Carriers / Wraps

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  1. Just wondering what carrier/wrap you all use? I feel so overwhelmed by all of the options and am not sure what to get
  2. I started with a babybjorn active carrier at 3 weeks. My baby had great neck strength and was rather big so he fit perfectly. As he started growing and my back started hurting even with the back support we moved to a Babybjorn ONE.

    We have used it to carry my 22lb baby up to 10 hours walking around europe, and it was great!! Once he got bigger I used it solely for take off and landing because we travel a lot.

    I haven't really used the backpack option until a couple months ago and it was great too. But we won't be using the carrier anymore as he's 30lbs, 35"and the shoulder somehow doesn't seem to fit right.

    In hindsight, the babybjorn ONE was enough, didn't need to buy two. I could have easily done with a ergo baby as well, however we live in HOT climate and traveled where summer was, so the mesh on the BB turned out to be a great choice. As for color, our first carrier was white and the second one was black. Neither got horribly dirty, but the white was handy for his first months when he had a lot of spit up.

  3. I've tried many; Ergo, Mei Tai and woven wraps.

    The Ergo is an excellent structured carrier as it supports the baby's hip joints and is constructed very well. However, given I am only 5' tall, I felt the carrier was made two big for me. The straps were in all the wrong spaces. And what I didn't like about it was what if you are travelling somewhere and a buckle breaks??

    The Mei Tai is a soft structured carrier, that looks a lot like the Ergo, minus all the plastic buckles. I liked it a lot but once our son weighed over 25lbs, I felt the straps digging into my waist and shoulders.

    Woven wraps; the possibilities are endless with these! They come in various lengths and the possibilities of different wrap techniques are endless! These carriers require some mastering though although I followed tutorials on YouTube, was able to borrow a few wraps of various sizes from local groups and managed to find a length that I liked and a technique or two that worked for me. I have also owned a ring sling in the past and I felt woven wraps cover the Ergo, Mei Tai and ring slings, due to the various techniques. And what's also really good about these is on rainy days or sick days, you can take them out, make a knot over a table and create an instant indoor hammock for the kids! :biggrin:
  4. I agree with the structured carriers that position baby's hips in a natural position like the Ergo and Mei Tai do. They also (to me) seem much more comfortable for the wearer.

    Do your research on carriers that "dangle" the baby, such as many Baby Bjorn models. The positioning is not good for baby's hips, and seems to be a little off-balancing for the wearer.

    I tried Baby Bjorn first because it was popular but it was so uncomfortable to wear. It was then when I was researching other types of carriers that I learned about the "dangling." I got an Ergo and absolutely loved it for the positioning, comfort/balance, ease of use.
  5. Join a local baby-wearing group in your area on FB. They'll have meet ups where you'd be able to try on the different wraps, and carriers.

    We personally use the the ring-sling and a SSC called a Tula. When she's clingy and I can't get anything around the house done, I back pack carry her in the Tula.
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  6. For a newborn a ring sling or a wrap will probably be the best. Wrapping can be overwhelming at first so there is a carrier called a ktan that is soft like a wrap but already in the shape needed to carry a baby.

    When the baby is older, you can wrap, use a ring sling, or a SSC ( soft structured carrier) like Tula, Lillebaby, Beco, or Ergo. I personally love my Tula but there are limited ways to carry meaning either front carrying with the baby facing you when young or on your back when older. The other brands I mentioned allow you in some or all models to have the baby face out when carrying.

    I do not know where you live but there is a large group called Baby Wearing International where you can go to free meetings and try on carriers as well learn more about all of the different wraps/slings/ SSCs or pay the annual dues of $30/year for the ability to check out a carrier from their lending library for a month

    I am not an expert by any means but know a lot of differnt carriers and can try to help answer any questions
  7. I used a Moby Wrap when she was under 1. Like others mentioned, it comes with a learning curve, but I found that youtube was helpful with regard to helping me learn various wrapping options. It was also really convenient for the purposes of nursing her while getting other things done.

    Now that she's older, we use the Baby Hawk (Oh Snap version; DH refused to learn how to do the tying associated with the Mei Tai version) for backpack carrying.

    If you can find a local baby carrying group, I agree that would be the best option for you to get to try out a variety of carriers and see what you think will work for you!
  8. Thank you! I am going to start looking all of these up!
  9. After researching, I think we are going to get the Ergo and then a Moby! Thank you again!
  10. ^ Jindie, I see you've already made your decision but I wanted to chime in and say we made the same decision with an Ergo and Moby and haven't regretted it. I use the Moby with my three month old around the house and when I'm going short distances. I plan on also using it when we fly, so I don't have to worry about setting off security monitors and plus I can nurse him during takeoff/landings more easily. The Ergo works for both my husband and I when we go for long walks and errands.
  11. i have the boba wrap , my son is just a month and sometimes he likes it and other times he doesn't. It feels great but he gets very hot in it. As in his face and head actually sweat and it's winter time.

    As he weighs more I will change carriers.
  12. That's pretty much exactly my plan!
  13. I made the mistake of looking at the Tula Woven Wraps. That seems like a major slippery slope so trying to forget I saw them!
  14. I bought a second hand Little Frog ring sling too... would be good to have one of each type (or so I tell myself...)
  15. I have the Ergo. Barely used it though. It can get very hot wearing it in warm weather.