Baby Carriers and Slings... experiences please

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  1. So I have a Baby Bjorn which I really like, it allows me to be hands free while Kayla is attached to me and it really relaxes her. I know that she will eventually outgrow it and I've been looking at some of the "slings" and "pouches" that both Angelina Jolie and others have worn. I believe that these allow you to carry a child until they are much older. I know Kim Porter's twin girls are 2 years old. Some of the prints are also very cute and fashionable. Do any of you own the slings and wear them with much older children? How secure are they and what about your back? Thanks in advance.


  2. i bought a Hot Sling [i got it on clearance of $20, i was reg. almost $50, so i was happy]. i can't wait to use it. i had a carrier with both my sons and i didn't like the way they felt...kinda cut in at the shoulders.

    check out and they send out emails about secret deals and sales. that is how i got mine so cheap.
  3. Hey divalicioust,

    If you are anywhere near the Hollywood or Santa Monica area, go check out the local "Pump Station" there. They have weekly "Sling Clinics" where they let you try different slings/wraps. HTH :heart:
  4. Depending on where you live, there are usually baby wearer groups for you to try different things.

    The most comfortable are the Ergo and Mei Tais, but a NONpadded sling is really comfy too. I had so many as my son didn't walk until he was 16 months and he was heavy... started at nearly 12 lbs and by the time he walked he was nearly 30 lbs. We carried him until he was about 40 lbs and with a good carrier the ONLY place you should feel the weight/strain is your feet from the extra weight.
  5. I loved my baby bjorn, and when DD outgrew it, we used an Ergo, which I also loved, although I never was able to get her on my back without help.

    I never had luck with my sling, I wish I had though, I know a load of women swear by them.
  6. Thanks Danielle, I will check that website out.
  7. Oh, cool, thanks, :tup: I can go there after Kayla's next doctor's appointment.
  8. Wow, 40lbs, that's amazing, thanks for the info!
  9. What was the problem with the sling you had, the design or did your baby not like it?
  10. Great thread diva :biggrin:

    Ladies to those that used the ones shown in the pics with the easy was it to put a small newborn in it? And were you afraid they would fall out? I really like the idea and would like to buy one but like Diva want to know what you thought of them
  11. ERGO baby carrier. It has good back support and feels like a hiking backpack. I wear my 8mo old daughter on it for entire airline flights. She feels "held" and I have my hands free. The amazing thing about the Ergo is that it can equally comfortably hold my 3yo son!
  12. The pouch type slings like the one Brooke Shields is wearing in the photo are super easy to put on and get baby in; but they're not one size fits all, so if possible, it's best to go try them on with your babe to see which size you'll need. Also, you may find (like I did) that you prefer to wear baby higher up on your chest than those photos show. But I'm short, so maybe that has something to do with it? It just felt more comfortable to have baby higher up. Anyway, I have several pouch slings and find them quick to put on and babies love them! They take up very little room in your diaper bag. As your child grows though or you find yourself wearing your baby for extended periods of time, you may find you need something that distributes the weight evenly across both shoulders. A wrap will do this, as will an Ergo or mei tai.
  13. I LOVED my maya wrap. I used it with both boys until they were about 2.5 or so. They are very comfortable and distribute the weight nicely across your back. I would highly recommend it!
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    One thing I would advise -- don't buy a bunch of different ones until you try one and see if you like using it, and borrow some if you can. I bought three or four and never really got into the groove with them.

    Notes on the individual slings/carriers: Baby hated the Peanut Sling; he'd semi-tolerate it for a few minutes if I folded it down so he could see out, but then I felt like he was going to fall out (however, my friend's baby looooved the Peanut Sling.) The Lascal M1 hurt my shoulders. The Hug-a-Bub was too long and complicated to wrap, and I couldn't even contemplate getting it on when I was sleep-deprived and tired. I don't think I ever tried the Kozy Carrier; another where the wrap just overwhelmed me. Finally, I have a Hip Hammock that a friend gave me. I'm planning to try that one again -- tried it a while ago, and he hated that one too.

    Honestly, at 9-10 months, I don't know anyone who still uses anything other than the Ergo or the Bjorn. Even my friends who loved the Mei Teis when the babies were little stopped using them by now.
  15. Christy,

    Did you have the Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Sling, Mama Baby Sling or the Maya Tie?