Baby carrier on Bluefly

  1. ROFL... Who on earth would actually get this? I dunno... it's a BABY carrier.. you could only use it for a year or so!
  2. Well, I have a fairly large and extravagant collection of baby carriers, so that I don't mind so much ;) but more to the point, it looks insanely uncomfortable and there are much better ones out there for a lot less!
  3. omg thats so cute! i want a kid just for that hehehe
  4. i agree you can't use it for long but it's still cute though!!
  5. If I had a kid, I would get that and use it until my kid was in college!
  6. My sister has that. It is adorable.
  7. :roflmfao:
  8. thats cute for a chic mama
  9. Do you think my husband will wear it? He think I'm nuts!
  10. me no likey.

    I didnt even think it looked good on gwen stefani.
  11. Definitely not my screams "Look at me!" way too much.

  12. Hmm.. gone now! Apparently a mommy decided to buy it!
  13. Very cute! Though it doesn't look very comfortable for the baby... :cool:
  14. I think it's cute! You can use it for a year for EACH child:yes: