Baby cabbas? New to Chanel.

  1. I am new to Chanel, only have one bag the pink cambon med. tote and large pink zip wallet and smaller pink wallet. I usually buy LV but have been drawn to Chanel now.
    What was the retail of the baby cabas bag? What colors did it come in? Can you still find them?
    I really wish the denim cabas came in the baby size. I feel the large is way too large but the more pictures I see posted of it the more I love it.:yahoo:
  2. ^OMG there is so much info here you will flip!...just do a search and you will find all that you need!!!
  3. check the Reference Library:yes:
  4. I just checked the reference library and now I want a few cabas bags. I am going to check around with some of my friends who work in the high end stores and see if they have any inside information on new shipments and colors. I think I am in love with the khaki baby cabas but of course it would probably be impossible to find. I am also thinking about the large denim but it seems kind of big. I think I might be able to get one, my friend said she can put me on the waiting list and people do cancel so it does not seem impossible to get.
  5. wohoo...
    good luck!!!i love mine it's cute!hehe
  6. Good luck w/your search! Hope you find your bag!
  7. g luck! i think all cabas are beautiful, u'll be happy to get either one of them :yes: