Baby Cabas

  1. Hi Ladies - my SIL is looking for a vinyl baby cabas - anyone see one in the Saks 5th Ave. store in NYC?
  2. it's been sold out for quite a while.
    back in late september, there was talk that they found a few of them at the beverly hills chanel and a forum member was actually able to buy one.
    i went to nyc at that time and asked around at the chanels just in case they had got some too but they didn't.
    there are leather baby cabas' available though. you can call them and see if they can locate you one. hth. :smile:
  3. I haven't seen a vinyl cabas in a loooong time. How about the vinyl melrose cabas as an alternative?
  4. What about the gorgeous satin cabas fron cruise too?They come out in black blue and I think coral !