Baby Cabas

  1. I'm trying to figure out what a baby cabas will look like on and hand-held. I think it'll be about hip height on me (5'5) when weighed down with stuff inside. And I think the large might be too close to the ground when hand held...

    For the medium-height ladies, how did you decide between the large and the baby (aside from the cute diamond stitching)?

    Many thanks! :heart:
  2. u can see this thread :

    i'm 5'4" adn i have my pic with my baby and my large original in page 3.

    the decision was easy at first, of course i would go for teh large size because i love bigger bags adn i used to wear weekender balenciaga which is huge.
    i never thought of purchaseing a baby cabas until i had a chance to own one when i was craving for an original in caviar.
    i ended up buying it and loving the size and all :yes:
  3. Thank you!
  4. I am about 5'5 and I have the baby Cabas. I was just telling my sister how much I love it. The large one was too bulky for me after filling it up. The baby is perfect, either full or not so full. It lays well against your body when carried on your shoulder, your also not digging in it for days like I found with the larger one. Its actually a pretty good size bag even though its the baby. What color are you wanting?