baby cabas: what color ??!!pls help!


baby cabas color??!!

  1. black

  2. white

  3. dark silver

  4. khaki/or bronze

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  1. I heard there will be restocking of baby cabas this coming april and so on ( till fall )...
    some store getting black, khaki/bronze, white, and dark silver.. wonder what is the best color should i get from this line?!!! please help me:confused1: and thank you so much! :yes::heart:
  2. i kinda have the same dilemna, if you don't have alot of blk bags, i think blk is a great choice...4 out of 5 of my chanels are black, therefore i'm considering the bronze, but would have to see it irl to decide for sure...but the longer i'm waiting for it, the less i'm wanting it.
  3. Hi takeoutbox, thx you so much for input. just for FYI; i have 1 pst and luxe bowler and couple more black bags not from chanel. however, my friends said girls never goes wrong with black bag.. :p... i really want to see the dark silver IRL...
  4. i personally like the the one that Sunshine has.
  5. khaki
  6. i'm loving it in black :yes:
    i just got mine not long ag and totally adore it :love:

    i like the white, but i'm just not the kind of girl who can keep a white bags white for long :p
  7. Definitely BLACK. I would say white but I can't imagine having to worry about it nonstop while wearing it.
  8. Wow, I'm feeling EXACTLY the same way. I am only on one waiting list right now since I just got chopped off another. I'm trying to find every store in the US that will be carrying any new shipments of the Baby Cabas. But, the longer I've been waiting for it, I feel less enthusiastic about it.

    I lost hope after I got a call from one of my SA's who said that there's practically no chance for me to get one...and I'm not sure what the deal is with the other waitlist I'm on. I feel kind of resigned to the fact I may not be getting one, and I'm feeling more and more bitter about it too. :sad:
  9. When I decided to buy a Baby Cabas, I picked the white one with no regret :smile:
  10. i like white bags....i say'll be a great color for the summer.
  11. im dying for the white or dark silver..

    but the problem is, i have no more idea where to try..
    because the waiting list were full I guess..i have tried BG and chanel NYC at 57st..any other suggestion?
  12. I like khaki and black!!!!
  13. I love my khaki/bronze Cabas! The leather allows the bag to hold its shape versus collapse into a heap. The color has a beautiful sheen without being flashy or tacky. The CC medallion doesn't fall into the bag as much as the other colors due to the leather being stiffer. It is lightweight despite the thicker chain straps, which I happen to LOVE on the khaki! They feel really great and the bag stays on my shoulder.

    I have a feeling the dark silver will have these attributes as well since it is a metallic shade.

    Have I convinced you?! :biggrin:
  14. ITA with Roey! The khaki/bronze is stunning, and the metallic sheen, coupled with hardware, which IMO complements the color perfectly, make for a great combination!! :smile: Basically, it's a hot bag haha, I hope you decide on the khaki, but either way, you can't go wrong in this style!

  15. I love my black one, but I voted for khaki since I wasn't able to get it in that color hope you can! That color is TDF!