Baby Cabas unavailable in Europe?

  1. I've been lusting for a Baby Cabas for quite some time now, but the SA's in Germany tell me it's not available anymore and won't be in the future either. :sad: But I still see people on this forum buying Baby Cabas. Are they only available in the US anymore or did the SA's give me wrong information??
  2. i think there might still be a few lurking around NM and Saks in the US. give them a call and get them to do a thorough system search for the baby cabas. hope that helps! good luck =)
  3. The SA's in Amsterdam gave me the same info. i ordered the baby cabas by style number, paid for it by bank transfer when it arrived in store, had it mailed to me and it was the new Big Baby.(which is HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE).:crybaby:. I'm taking it back to exchange for something completely different tomorrow,and they already have 3 people waitlisted for the bag I'm returning.

    It's crazy! yet in the US, people are getting baby cabas's each day...:crybaby:
  4. I had been on the waitlist for 6 months, and a few weeks ago I was finally able to pick up my khaki Baby Cabas. They only had one Baby Cabas left, and my SA told me that it was the last one. So I suppose they aren't available anymore in Europe..
  5. Thanks everyone! I might have to buy another bag just to get over the fact that I won't get a Baby Cabas...;)
  6. I saw the black Baby Cabas at the Chanel in Germany/Frankfurt 3 weeks ago. Make a call.
  7. I've seen the black and brown baby cabas's in the UK recently, give Chanel Bond street a call and have them check their computer for you....Good luck!
  8. I had to get my black baby cabas through eBay. The wonderful ladies here helped me find an authentic one in beautiful condition. It looked like a few started popping up in stores after that, so you just may find one brand new. I hope that Chanel/NM/Saks are able to locate one for you. It's a great bag:smile:
  9. Both Paris boutiques I checked a few weeks ago were out of all the cabas also.
  10. the SA @ams also told me the same thing, but I just gave it a go, left my number there in case it comes.. then, i got my cabas last saturday!! :smile:
    so i think, just call them and give it a go, leave ur number and c how it goes

    good luck, deelove82!! :smile:

    quirkycool, may i know when did u return the bag? was it the black one? i think i might got urs one :biggrin:
  11. OMG V7, it would be amazing coincidence if it were the same bag!!!:wlae: I returned it this past's my story LOL!!

    It's the big baby with braided chain though, right? Hope it makes you very happy!!! :biggrin:

    Youko, did your khaki baby cabas come from Amsterdam too? I called Antwerp and brussels before I waitlisted in Amsterdam and they weren't even getting any in this season.Or so they said.
  12. yeap.. it's the large coco cabas with braided chain.
    i think i got urs one quirkycool! :smile:
    it looked like someone return the bag, coz there wasn't any plastic cover on the CC logo and didnt come with the box.
    did u return it in the morning? coz i've got a call to pick it up around 2pm. so, i rushed to amsterdam and grabbed it asap ;)

    *read ur story btw.. dat's hillarious! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

    and am waiting for ur white washed caviar pics!!
  13. Good heaven,they called you as soon as I left the store!!! Or no, I think i was still there since I arrived at about 1pm, tried on bags, paid for the jumbo,then got the perfume and the wallet too LOLOL.

    What a tiny, tiny world!!! I will let them know that we "met", when I let them know that i received the wallet tomorrow (hopefully) LOL.

    The cabas was delivered to me by UPS, and when I came in to exchange it they said that the box was not necessary. It would have been such a schlepp on the was a HUGE box.I am currently keeping some of my baby's outgrown clothes in it..LOL.

    Do you love the bag? How tall are you and what size? i am 160cm and maatje 42 so i am short and not thin, and I felt that the bag just made me look even more blobby. It looks great on taller,thinner people (or even people who just dress differently) though.

    Enjoy the bag in great health....and I will post piccies when Ms Wallet completes the tiny nuclear family :smile:.
  14. Kewll! Am goin back there as well! Probably next week after Belgium, I really need to look form sumthin for my sis' birthday :smile:

    I’m 5'4" and size 36. When I tried the bag it still looks quite big for me.. Actually I was after the baby size one, but . . . I got it anyway since it's sold out everywhere here..!!

    And danke, I love the bag still eventho it's a bit big for me: P I’ve been wanting this bag forever!! I’ve waitlisted this bag since I was in Sydney, no news bout it for 6months!! (There’s only 1 store there n the stock isn't so much) then I came here and waitlisted it @ams, I've got a call few weeks ago BUT I couldn’t make it that time, was at Germany and the SA told me she couldn’t reserve it, it went out so fast she said.
    Then, I changed my mobile number recently and forgot to let them know. So, when I went to ams last week, I dropped by there n the SA told me there's nothing she could do about it... was so desperate that time, but I just gave it a go, I told the SA that I’d get the cabas if someone cancel/ return it in ANY colour or ANY sizes *so u could imagine how desperate I was* LOL

    So, dankeee am still happy wit the bag. Have u carry the bag around? Am goin to carry it to Belgium on my weekend!! :smile: :smile: :smile:

    Ohhh, ur baby is so gorgeous :smile:

    **still waitin for ur nuclear fam!!
  15. i have a baby cabas that i'm not keeping