Baby cabas size?

  1. Anyone know how much the baby cabas is?and the actual size?
    coz I'm interested to order one, but I never saw it in person:sweatdrop:

    i'll be glad if anyone have its picture also:love:
  2. Its the fever of baby cabas!!! Everyone wants one including myself!!! lol
  3. would love to know more info about baby cabas...
  4.'s just too cute:love:
    coz i love that white coco cabas, but i think it's too big for me, since I'm jus 5'1"!!:Push: but then I remembered someone ever mention baby cabas to me. That's why I'm looking for any information about it before I order one:smile:
  5. The waiting list started in August. Mine will finally be here Monday! Im a very very happy girl. I was told, most stores wont get the Cabas Cruise line until late November or December...I guess they shipped early.....This size in my opinion is more practical then the Xl or L.
    Here is clk55girl's post from another thread.

    Baby Cabas Style# A33986, white, 1795. plus tax. 15x8x6 w/an 8 inch handle drop. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]