Baby Cabas Question

  1. Since I have never been able to see this bag in the opening a truly gathered opening (like a drawstring opening) that can be pulled smaller and larger? Or is it just a gathered "look"?

    Does this make sense?

  2. It is just a drawstring look, doesn't actually gather. It has an interior center magnetic snap closure. Why don't you go to the Chanel reference and view pics of the coco cabas, there are some interior shots in there. Hope that helps a little.
  3. The magnetic snap keeps mine pretty closed and secure..Its my all time fave bag.
  4. Thanks, ladies!

    I couldn't tell 100% sure from the pics!

    It's so hard when you can't see the real thing and THINK you might want to track one down.

    I'm also curious about the slouchiness of the bag and the size of the medallion thingy. Some pics it looks huge on the bag and some, more discreet.

    I don't think I have ever drooled over a bag so much! :nuts:
  5. I've only had the white, so I can definately say it's very slouchy and soft leather. I've read on the forum that the white, navy, teal, and black are all very soft and slouchy. BUT the kalhi and other metallics are harder firmer leather. As for the medallion, it is pretty subtle IMO, but is noticeable and very well made too.
  6. PLUS the medallion can be tucked INSIDE the bag if it bugs ya..

  7. I actually like the medallion. I just don't want it as big as a hubcap, ya know? LOL

    About what size is it?

    I would really like to see the bronze IRL. I saw a bag the other day (not Chanel!) with rose gold hardware and flipped over it! Gorgeous!
  8. Hmm..Its about the size of hmmm..the bottom of a soda can..LOL..maybe a smidge bigger?