baby cabas question

  1. hi there...I just got back from the trunk show at palo alto nm..I'm interested in the black baby cabas, and they said they weren't coming back for fall? I've been hearing on this forum that they are coming back. Anybody have any info on that?? thanks:smile:
  2. Yes they're definitely back. Many of the department stores have already had them trickle in as part of the pre-Fall stock. Several tPFers have recently received them.
  3. So whats up with them saying that? I'm kinda annoyed...I wanted to say something, but I felt a little goofy saying, "The girls on tPF say its coming back." I called SF nm to ask them about it...I got put on a waiting list for it. The SA I talked to seemed a little clueless. I asked the retail price for it....she told me, "around 2k." Then when she looked in the book she told me it was $1650. Isn't it $1795, and its going up soon? Also, she took my nm acct they usually do that? Anybody have any clue when I should be expecting a call from them? TIA
  4. I just got mine. It's $1795. and CLK55GIRL told me that the fall baby cabas are going to be $1995.
    The bag is still very popular now. It dep on the relationship b/w you and your SA, if she receives any she prob would call her fav/best client first. I recommend you call more often so she knows you really want it.
  5. I think the new price for the small baby cabas is $1995, $1795 is the old price.
  6. I had ordered a dark silver baby cabas at $1795, it is from old stock, not the new Pre-Fall release. I should receive it next week.

    The new baby cabas will be $1995, i have reserved a khaki baby cabas from my SA, the new stocks have not arrived in the store yet.
  7. bb10lue,

    May I know from your wishlist, what is Black SML Baby Cabas?
  8. You should call Brendan at the Chanel in New York on 57th Street. I only had to wait about a month for mine. They seem to be expecting a couple more shipments of the Baby Cabas.

    Jennifer from the Neiman Marcus in Paramus New Jersey is also really good at finding bags. She found a black one for my mother.

    I got mine for $1795 but it was about a month ago so I'm not sure what the prices are now.

    Hope this helps :smile:
  9. So, is the new baby cabas different? Or is it just the price?
  10. The baby cabas is the same as before, only the price increased to $1995. :sweatdrop: