Baby Cabas problem, what should I do?

  1. I received my long awaited white baby cabas bag today...and there is a problem with it. The stitching is coming out of the leather at the bottom in one spot. I called the SA that I purchased it from and she told me to just enjoy the bag now and that when I was ready to have it repaired to call her and she would take care of me. Should I do this or send it back now....there are no replacements at this time so it would be a repair either way. Is a stitching repair easy or should I just get a refund? I love the bag and don't want to get rid of it. What would you do?
  2. There is no way I would be happy with carrying as is after JUST buying it!! Can you wait for a new one to come in?? It would be worth that wait for me!! Just MO..I LOVE THIS BAG!! Wait for a perfect one!
  3. oh no!just received mine yesterday!would check after this..

    does the stiching problem really bothering u?is it really shown?if not, since it's rare, just close ur eyes and enjoy it:p
    however, w/ the price i know we want the best and perfect!LOL...i dunno if the repair for stiching easy or not, but as I know Chanel always take care of the repair good...even though it could take u weeks or months!!hehe..
  4. A stitching repair is easy and bag should be good as new when it gets back to you. It is so unfortunate thought that you received it in that condition. It should be perfect for you. Generally the boutique will quote you about 3months for repair but I brought in one of my bags for a stitch repair and had it back in a couple of weeks...
    If it isn't too bad and you feel you can wear it thru the summer, that might be the way to go so that you only without it when you would wear it more infrequently (in the fall or winter). Good luck!
  5. Oh NO! :wtf:

    Gosh this is a tough call. Part of me thinks you should just send it back and wait for a new one...but I nkow how excited you have been to receive this bag. I think I might use it and repair it at the end of summer.

    Is it really obvious?
  6. But aren't these extremely hard to come by still? is it likely that another will come in for an exchange?:confused1:
  7. That is my problem...they aren't easy to come by. It really isn't that noticeable...kind looks like the stitching is a little fatter then the rest. I don't think you would notice it unless you knew you were looking for it. Does that make sense?

    I love it so much...the color is stunning. I may just use it through summer then have it repaired.

    Another thing is that Chanelboy says that these bags are going up to $1975, I got it for $1795...if I wait for another I may have to pay the additional $$$.
  8. I think you are making a good choice by using it! :yes:
    I bet it is absolutely gorgeous in real life.
  9. ^^agree!
  10. :wtf: :sad: :wtf:
    What did you decide to do?
  11. As long as I know stitching repair is easy I may keep it and send it in at the end of summer. I am going to keep it out on my bed and stare at it a couple of hours to see if I can live with it. I wish it came perfect. :sad:
  12. I really think you should wear it and send it to be repaired at the end of the summer. Because I've heard that Chanel will also clean bags and since it is white you might want to have it spruced up after the summer. Enjoy it! :idea:
  13. oh, sorry it's not perfect, but if it was not that noticeable, i'd keep it, use it and send it in for repair in the fall.....i'm sure it's still beautiful!:heart:
  14. I would have to get it fixed right away as it would bother me- I would want the bag to be perfect.

    When are the baby cabas expected to go up?:shrugs:
  15. Hmmmmm, if it's not too noticeable - keep it for now and use it for the summer.....then when fall comes, just send it back for repair....this way you get to use it in the warm months. I don't know how long a repair takes (never had one myself), but from what I hear, it takes at the very least several weeks. You don't want to be without it now......better to be without it in the Fall/Winter months. JMO:cutesy: