Baby Cabas or not?

  1. Hello ladies! I have a dilemma and I need yalls help! I have a chance to get a baby cabas and I was just wondering what everyone thought of them. Now I know that everyone obviously loves them, but I went into the store today and tried the bag on and the only thing that I am debating is the size. I'm only 5' tall so it is a rather large bag on me! Opinions please!!
  2. I'm also short 5'2" but I love big bags. I don't think there would be a problem.
  3. I love big bags too, but I'm scared that I won't be able to carry this one long since it seems to be an "it" bag or whatever.
  4. Did you get the dimensions of the bag when you were trying it on?
  5. No, it is just the baby cabas. It only comes in one size, though I don't know what the dimensions are.
  6. I love big bags and I think it's really cute when petite girls carry big bags.
  7. LxHxW=15x8x6 with an 8 inch handle drop

    Those are the measurements Jennifer posted in her White Baby Cabas Post.
    In her pics the bag looks great on her!! I"m w/ Chrissie I think petites' look good carrying big bags!!
    Keep us posted on your decision and of course pics if you purchase it.
  8. Thanks for the input girls! I'm going to sleep on it some more tonight and go back tomorrow with my decision!
  9. I am 5'1" but I think the size is perfect for me, maybe because the chain strap is short so I think it looks nice carried on my shoulder. Much much much better than the original coco cabas on my petite frame!!
  10. ITA with PP - the Babyy Cabas' proportions are easier to pull off than the original - I'd go for it (I'm 5'2") if I wasn't on a purse ban!
  11. Get's gorgeous!
  12. The Baby Cabas is a beautiful bag. But if you are questioning how 'you' look with the size then it is wise you 'think about it a bit'. I am 5'8" and 108 pounds and though I can easily carry off these larger bags (I wear 3 to 4" heels most times which takes me to 6'), I'm simply not comfortable with the 'very' large size of some of them (hence the beautiful, but BIG red Modern Chain e/w tote went back). I know that if the tiny voice inside me is questioning a bag, then it may not be the one for me, regardless of it's popularity and beauty.
    So, could you get the bag and take it home with you for a few days? You can walk around your house with it and see how you think it looks in the comfort of your own home. If you aren't comfortable with it, then return it within a couple days.
    Good luck deciding.
  13. lovecam, did you end up getting it? the leather ones aren't as overwhelming as the vinyl ones. which one are you getting? also, the cabas is slouchy, so i don't think it will be too overwhelming.