baby cabas or manhattan gm?

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  1. hi ladies...

    i love all the pics of the baby cabas. that bag is TDF.
    i thought i "needed" the LV manhattan gm and was about to buy it but my aunt saw that it wa made in USA so she persuaded me not to do it. i thought the baby cabas would cost an arm and a leg but it's around the same as the manhattan....

    i was wondering.. is the baby cabas really hard to find? how much is it exactly? please let me know because i think i "need" this one too.. heheeh


    I'm a newbie in the Chanel forum, I'm usually in LV. And I am in LOVE with the baby cabas. I like the Manhattan PM better than the GM; the strap that buckles over the bag on the GM would probably get annoying after a while, having to undo it each time you wanna get in your bag.

    The baby cabas, on the other hand, is EXTREMELY HOT. :drool::drool::drool: What color are you wanting it in? I think the khaki is SO TDF! If only I wasn't a poor college student on a bag ban...
    I have a lot of LV.....and my baby cabas is my all time fave bag right now..bought it in 2 colors..thinking about a third one even!!LOL!
    Go for it..Just keep calling NM for it.Youll find one!
  4. i don't care what color as long as it's hanging from my shoulders :smile:
  5. Go for the Baby Cabas!!!
  6. I think the Cabas is a much better investment. You can dress it up or down and it'll be so much easier to access than that strap that the Manhattan has... Also, I think Chanel doesn't "scream" designer the way LV mono does, which is a good thing to me.
  7. how much is it?
  8. baby cabas!! I love LV but now I totally love my baby cabas. I was never a fan of the manhattan, but I'd also say the baby cabas is a better investment. I think you just have to keep calling Chanels, NMs to find one. Probably black and white are easier to find. It's $1795 probably where you are, I got mine for $1845 though :sad:
  9. I just returned a white one to Neimans in Charlotte around 4pm today. If you are interested in that color, try calling Natasha 704-442-7900. And to answer your question, I would go with the cabas over the LV :smile:
  10. Baby Cabas for sure! I totally agree with Wicked's post plus I think I heard the Man GM does not patina evenly. If you want a brown bag then go for the khaki cabas it, blows the GM away!
  11. Another one for the cabas! Good luck finding it! Just don't give up! Try lurking in the chanel shopping subforum too. Sometimes they pop up!
  12. hm, i actually like the manhattan pm more than the gm bc i imagine that strap really driving me nuts, even though it looks good on the bag. i'm also a huge marc jacobs fan so i'm a bit biased that way.... but in this case, i'll go with the cabas in khaki!
  13. Hmmmmmmmmm...I'm voting Manhattan GM...I think that bag is TDF...and more classic than the baby cabas...

    I do love the baby cabas too, so I really don't think you can go wrong either way...

    Good luck with your decision and let us know what you pick! Can't wait to see pics of your new bag - whatever it is!!!
  14. This is a funny question because I am sure if you go to the LV forums, they will tell you the exact opposite of what the majority is saying here. LOL Anyway, I say Baby Cabas because it is all leather, which is so amazing. The Manhattan is not. Plus you won't see everybody walking around with the Baby Cabas.

  15. that's exactly what's happening. lv forum votes for lv, chanel votes for chanel. i'm still torn. you made a good point about the cabas being all leather while the manhattan is canvas... i'm still :cursing: